Nimki Mukhiya 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi asks Nimki to go away forever

Nimki Mukhiya 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ram is tensed. Nahar comes there and says dont be worried, what happened today shouldnt have happened. Tunee says we should have beat the person who did it. Nahar says I still think Tettar did all this. Mauha says they have small thinking. Nahar says villagers wont understand about girls and boys meeting, its about image, dont send Nimki to Abhi’s house till elections.

Aunt says to Abhi that you have fever and now famous with Nimki’s photo. Abhi says enough, I have to go to village and tell people this is all done by Tettar. Nimki comes there and says Abhi you are famous too, there have been our poster in village. Aunt says you were taking side of this girl? Nimki says I am famous. Aunt leaves. Nimki says to Abhi that everything is under control, Nimki checks him

and says you have high fever. Abhi says you shouldnt have come here.

Tunee says to Ram that Nimki shouldnt go to Abhi’s house. Mauha says no Abhi is very nice, he has given Ram job too, what would Abhi think when we dont allow Nimki to go there. Nahar says villagers can start taunting anything. Ram says I will tells Nimki, she wont go to Abhi’s house. Tunee asks where is Nimki? Mono says she has gone to Abhi’s house, Ram is tensed.

Nimki says to Abhi that they wrote Chummi instead of a kiss, I am famous in village, everyone flirts with me but I want someone like Abhi. Abhi says cant you understand that Tettar is trying to tarnish your image. Nimki says people say rubbish. Abhi says why dont you understand? atleast understand for your father, dont ever come back here, Nimki looks on.

Politician Jain comes to Tettar’s house. Babbu says Sunil is against Tettar but you know how people follow Tettar in this village, he should get ticket only. Jain says everything is alright but its difficult this time. Ritu says what he means? there is no one of Tettar’s standard. Jain says time is changing, heads election have changed everything. Babbu says no one will be standing infront of Tettar, Jain says dont dream, its not about party but about winning. Tettar shouts that you think I cant win? I will show you how I win, this village is mine and will remain mine. Sarju comes there beaten, Babbu asks who did it? Dayya says villagers beat him, Nimki turned everything around and our poster failed too. Jain laughs and says this is how you will handle? Tettar shoots at Sarju’s feet and says to Jain that we will find another, he says I dont need your seat, get lost, he throws Jain out of house.

Tunee tears Abhi and Nimki’s photos, Mauha says what are you saying? Tunee says arent you worried about Nimki? Abhi will leave soon but what about people saying about Nimki? by the way Nimki is looking good in poster.

Babbu is in fields and says to Dayya that I am so angry, that simple girl is destroying our plans, she is disrespecting us. Babbu sees Nimki going from there and blabbering to herself that Abhi cant insult her like this. Babbu says to Dayya that lets teach her lesson today, Dayya says but its elections time, Babbu says I dont care.

Mauha hides Abhi’s poster under mattress. Ram comes there and sees poster, he is tensed. Mauhar stealthily takes poster away.

Nimki is walking in fields and angry on Abhi. Babbu follows her in car.

Abhi looks at himself in mirror and says how can I be coward? I couldnt fight and that Nimki fought? I have to talk to Nimki.Nimki calls him and says I am very sad and hurt, I have thought to end to my life, I am going to do suicide. Abhi says what are you saying? Nimki says you insulted me, I have no value so I am going to end my life. Babbu is behind her and hears it.

PRECAP- Nimki is in fields, Babbu’s goons are running behind her, she runs away from them. Babbu comes there and stops her, he stands infront of her and glares at her, Nimki looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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