Nimki Mukhiya 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki worries for Elena

Nimki Mukhiya 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Grandma says to Mai that no one leaves from inlaws house without asking. Mai says this is not her inlaws house, how dare you leave without asking me? Nimki says I am sorry, Elena was ill so I had to leave, I am not in mood today, servant gives her food, Nimki says I am not in mood, sorry, she leaves. Babbu comes there and asks what happened? Rekha says she just said sorry and leaves. Sweety says she seemed sad, Grandma says atleast she does what she wants. Sweety says not everyone can live life on their own, atleast she lives life as she wants, she sadly leaves, Babbu looks on.

Sweety is sadly sitting in her room. Babbu comes and asks why did you say that only few people live on their own will? Sweety says I was talking about Nimki, she is from a village but lives as per will, talk

to Mai, she shouldnt fight everyday. Babbu says talk to me about yourself, what is going on with you? Sweety says nothing. Babbu says remember when a teacher failed you, you told me and I beat the teacher and he had to pass you, Sweety smiles. Babbu says tell me who is making you sad. Sweety says there is a difference in life and exam, life is not about beating. Babbu says tell me if Nimki did something. Sweety says she doesnt have guts for that. Babbu says did Ritu do something? Tell me once and I wont spare him. Sweety says he doesnt do anything for me, he does everything for politics. Sweety cries and hugs Babbu. Ritu comes there and asks what happened? Sweety asks him to leave, Babbu says I am here and leaves. Ritu says to Sweety that what happened? I am your husband, tell me. Sweety says take me to Patna to my inlaws house. Ritu says just that small thing? I will take you today only but your father needs me here. Sweety says I know. Ritu says you dont have to cry infront of Babbu, he doesnt have mind, he can shoot me and make you widow. Sweety says I am like one.

Scene 2
Ram tells Mauha that Nimki went to hospital without telling anyone, call her.

Nimki is sitting sadly in her room and recalls how Elena was ill. Mauha calls her and asks if she is sad? Nimki says Elena was crying like I used to cry in childhood. Mauha says dont worry, Abhi is with her. Mauha puts phone on speaker. Nimki says remember when I used to get ill, Ram used to sit with us all night, one time you got ill, he served you so much that you became fine but he got ill. Mauha says our father is the best. Nimki says but tell me truly that even then you missed your mother right? Elena miss her mother too, when you dont have a mother then.. I should sleep, she ends call. Ram says I couldnt fill the gap. Mauha hugs him.

Kundan is tensed and asks Nahar if medicine reached hospital or not? its not time to sit calmly, Nahar says this is our fight against Tettar and Nimki, everything is set.

Elena is vomiting. Abhi is calling doctor but he is not taking call. Doctor comes there and checks her. Elena is having fits. Doctor says why she is vomiting? we have to clean stomach, seems like some medicine reacted. Abhi is tensed.

Scene 2
In morning, Nimki calls Ram and asks him to go to hospital, Abhi is not taking call, come here and take me too. Ram says dont come there without telling anyone, Nimki says why I am just going to see Elena, Mauha asks her to let Ram go. Nimki says fine and ends call. Tunee comes there and says Elena is very ill, she is having blood vomits.

Tettar says to Ritu that Mehtu is praising us, this is all happening because of Babbu. Ritu says he is doing good. Babbu says stop playing in house too, I know what you are. Babbu says we have to be careful of Nahar, Ritu says dont worry about him, if we play Nimki and her family nicely then we will get all votes. Tettar says we dont have to be overconfident. Ritu says you are right, Tettar asks Ritu to make plan with Babbu for campaign.

Nimki calls Aunt and says how could injection react to Elena? I would have slapped doctor. Aunt says if she doesnt become fine then we will go to Patna. Nimki says I am coming and ends call. Doctor says to Abhi that if she doesnt get better then we will take her to Patna, he asks Abhi to bring medicines from outside. Abhi says why not from hospital? Doctor says we are giving medicines from hospital since last night. Nurse comes there and says all patients are getting more ill, they took medicines yesterday night and are getting ill, some have foam coming out of mouth, some are vomiting, Abhi says what is happening? Doctor says I felt something was wrong, he asks to bring new lot of medicines to his room, he says to Abhi that seems like fake medicines were brought int.

PRECAP- Abhi comes to Tettar’s house and says I knew you never cared for anyone else other than you but I didnt know you were playing with people’s lives by giving them fake medicines. Nimki comes there too. Tettar asks Abhi to remain in limits. Abhi says you will forget limits when I drag you from here to police station. Babbu glares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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