Nimki Mukhiya 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Near’s man shoots Abhi

Nimki Mukhiya 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahatu calls Kundan. Tettar and Ritu are on their way. Nehar says to Kundan see how Tettar moved from the deal. Kundan says you did this too. BDO is on his way. Nehar says if I get stuck in this I will take your name too.
Tettar says give a lot of money to BDO. I wont let anyone come in my way. Kundan sends his men to kill Abhi. Babbu is in house. He goes to Nimki’s room. Nimki is talking to Ram. She says people are taking Tettar’s name only. Are you well? I will come there to see you. Babbu is outside. Babbu comes in. Nimki says you.. He says I want to talk. You said you will delete the recording but you didn’t. She says I kept it to scare him on right time. He says you are so nice, You are doing so much for our family. She says I know. He says amma is rude to you.

She says she is your mom so I ignore her otherwise I am not scared. I can send her to jail. He says what. SHe says I wont just saying. He says where are you going? She says going to see papa. He says let me come with you. She says let me record this and send to papa tune mauha and abhi. He says why abhi? She says he is my best friend. Babbu says that’s why you gave him that recording? It can risk his life. Nimki says he is a hero. Heroes are not defeated by villains.

ABhi is on his way. He sees hurdles. He gets out of the car and says no one can stop me today. Nehar’s snipper is there.
Babbu says okay I agree he is hero. Let’s call him to ghat tola as well. She says yes. He says let me call him. He takes her phone and tries to delete the recording.
The snipper shoots. It hits Abhi’s shoulder. He falls down. He falls on the floor.
Nimki says he isn’t picking phone. Plan cancel. Abhi is there on the floor. The thug comes to him to see if he is alive. He checks him and picks his phone. He deletes the recording from his phone.

Moray lal calls DM and asks if Abhi has reached? He says no. Moraylal calls Abhi. He says why is he not picking phone? I wish everything is fine. Babu tries to delete recording. Nimki takes her phone again and says let me call again. SHe says I think he is busy. Lets go there. She says why are you looking at my phone? He says delete the recording. I am really worried for you. As long as it is in your phone you will be in danger.

Tune sees the car and checks.. He sees Abhi on the floor shot. He screams and says BDO.. Open your eyes. He screams for help. Nimki says if you ask me I will delete the recording. She deletes it and says fine now? Tune calls Nimki. He says someone shot BDO. Nimki is dazed.
Tune tries to take him from there.
No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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