Nimki Mukhiya 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mai tries to stop Nimki’s entrance in palace

Nimki Mukhiya 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mono says to family that lets go to palace to meet Nimki, Bua says she is not ours now, she is married. Ram says she is my daughter, she is always mine. Bua says once girl is married then she becomes stranger. Mono says Nimki said she can go anywhere but her address will remain this, Ram’s heart. Ram cries. Mono says I want to see her welcome in palace. Mauha says no if they catch us there then all will laugh at us, Mono says we can hide and check. Mauha asks him to stop it. Tunee thinks that we should go there, Ram should know that this marriage is cheating then he will break it. Tunee says to Ram that lets go there and see how they welcome Nimki, Ram smiles.

Nimki and Babbu gets out of car in palace. Tettar hugs Babbu and says you kept my respect, now see this happiness

will be ours. Tettar says our Babbu has brought his wife, Nimki blushes. Ritu says now Babbu will rule this palace, Tettar says yes he will be owner of palace now, Mai says let them come inside, they are bride and groom. She says we have to welcome them or not? tettar is confused seeing her happy attitude. Rekha says you will welcome Nimki? Mai says I welcomed you too. Babbu is confused. Mai asks Babbu to bring Nimki from car. Ram, Tunee and Mono hides behind palace walls and watch Nimki. Babbu brings Nimki out of car, flower petals fall over her. Tettar says we will air firing in happiness. Tettar says to Grandma that if Mai tries anything then shoot her. Tunee thinks that they are welcoming Nimki but Dublo said this is fake marriage? Ram should know truth today only, God please bring out truth to Ram today so that Nimki gets free from this fake marriage. Grandma does air fire. Mai starts Nimki and Babbu’s aarti at door. Ram says it looks so nice, Mai is welcoming her with aarti. Tunee is tensed and thinks when will truth come out? Ram says we should leave now, Nimki will go in house. Ram turns to leave but makes noise, in house Dimaond hears noise and says who is there? Ritu says it must villagers to see that this is real marriage. Diamond says I think it was Ram? Ritu says really? They come out of house and sees only villagers. Ram, Tunee and Mono have already run from there.
Rekha makes Nimki wear dupatta outside palace door. Nimki says to Mai that you are looking Jaya Bachan of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham but Babbu is not my SRK, he is my Emraan Hashmi, all laugh. Guests say Mai care for Nimki alot.

Scene 2
Ram comes home, he says to Bua that all were welcoming Nimki, Bua says I didnt like Mai’s attitude, Mono says she was doing Nimki’s aarti, Mauha says really? Ram says she is her mother in law, Ram says we came back from there on time. Mauha says Babbu loves Nimki so there is no difference of caste now. Tunee says I used to lo.. I am leaving. Ram pulls him closer and hugs him, Ram says it all happened because of you, you took us there, I always scold you but you have done a lot for us. Tunee says dont embarrass me, Ram says no I usually think that you should have been Nimki’s groom. Tunee gets says elated. Dumri says Ram you are getting too emotional. Tunee says its my bad luck. Muaha asks Ram if they can go to meet Nimki? Bua says no, Dumri says just pray for Nimki’s happiness there. Mauha says please. Ram says she must have gone inside palace so you cant see her.

In palace, Mai smirks, Ritu says to Tettar that how is Mai so happy? Mannu hides behind pillar and smirks at Mai. Mai puts kalash on door and asks Nimki to kick it and come inside. Nimki and Babbu moves towards kalash, Nimki is about to kick it but Mannu pushes pillar infront of her, Nimki moves back and pillar falls over kalash. Babbu asks Mai if she is fine? Mai says I am fine. Dublo says how it fell suddenly? Tettar looks on. Dublo says its screws are opened too. Tettar sees Mannu coming there. Nimki says kalash got kicked without me kicking it. Rekha says this is bad omen. Mai says good times passed too, what will happen now? Guest says it was bad omen, other guest says how bride will go inside? Mai says we will make her go from backside. Nimki says no wait, I dont want to come in house from back door. All look on.

PRECAP- Mannu says to Mai and Grandma that if this ritual happens from Nimki’s feet and if she enters from main door then it will be big bad omen for family, Babbu and marriage will not remain safe, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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