Nimki Mukhiya 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mausi comes to haveli

Nimki Mukhiya 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Someone knocks at Ritu’s door. He opens, it is Babbu. Ritu says I didn’t do anything. I was in market I saw sweeti there. Tettar comes and says why are you scaring him? Lets sit and talk. Babbu says he isn’t worth talking. Ritu says BDO is playing this game. Your sister is going close to BDO. Babbu says shut up. Ritu says you can ask sweeti where she was yesterday. She went to meet him in his office. You can go and ask him. They like each other so they want to kick me out of all this. Se can’t marry abhi if I am her husband. Babbu says what? Ritu says BDO did all this and Nimki is helping him. Babbu leaves in anger. Ritu says listen please.. Tettar says he left. Tettar says to Ritu I will change his mind. Keep saying all this.

Nimki tells Sweeti story

of movie. She says hero sings the song for the girl. Sweeti says you are a drama. Nimki says your mother in law is coming. Sweeti says what? Nimki says what? Nimki says look at your face. You have to stay dressed all the time. She does Sweeti’s facial.

Abhi is in office. Moraylal says you were not in office. This paper is sweeti’s. abi says this is of her college. she forgot it here. Should we go to haveli to give it back? Abhi says I will give to Nimki.
Nimki asks Sweeti to choose her dress. Rekha sees her with dresses. Nimki says choose one of them. sweeti says what are you doing. Annaro comes and says what are you doing? Rekha says she was saying she will make Sweeti bride. Annaro says what is happening? Nimki says calm down. Sweeti wasn’t feeling well. so I thought lets refresh her mood. When girls dress up they feel good. do you want Sweeti to look sad? Annaro says yes I want to see my sweeti happy too. Nimki says wow mother in law. Nimki says to Annaro make everything Sweeti likes. Rekha says why? Annaro says why not? Make what Sweeti likes. Make kaju halwa too. Sweeti loves it. Nimki says why don’t you make it? Annaro says yes I will make it for my sweeti.

Mausi says to Elena get ready we have to go to haveli. We have to go before your dad comes. ABhi says where are you doing? MAusi says going to market. Abhi says so dressed? Mausi says wanted to. ABhi says I will go with you. Mausi says you are tired. Abhi says okay then I will rest you go.
Annaro makes the halwa. Rekha says this smells so good. ANnaro says sweeti will be very happy today. Mausi comes with Elena. Rekha says are you here to meet Nmki? Nimki brings Sweeti there. Sweeti runs towards elena. Nimkki says you dont have to run. You have to act shy. When they come to see a girl you have to act shy. Mausi say she doesn’t need to be shy. Annaro says what is happening here? Nimki says Mausi ji is here to ask for Sweeti’s hand for Abhi. Everyone is dazed.
Precap-Annaro says get out of here. we don t’ wanna go any marriage. If Babbu was here he would have shot you. Nimki says quite.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What a crappy show…. If you want people love your show than plz merry nimki with abhi… I don’t want that babbuuuuuđź’”

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