Nimki Mukhiya 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki’s blood camp becomes success

Nimki Mukhiya 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki’sblood bank camp starts working. Tunee is asking people to be in line, we will take blood of everyone, I mean I will tell your blood group, just be in line. Mauha says to Ram that people are less here. Ram asks Nahar to do something. Tunee calls Nahar and says there are less people at camp, Nahar asks his men to grab people and take them to camp. At camp, one woman’s blood is taken, she faints after injection. Nimki says everyone should know their blood group so they can save their loved one time, all chant for Nimki.

Tettar asks Ritu to arrange for Diwali function. Women come there ready for diwali, Mai says we have to go for pooja. Grandma says we will fire crackers. Babbu gets call from Sunil. Sunil talks to Tettar and says you have done good work by putting

blood camp in village, you will get votes now. He ends call. Babbu says that Nimki have setup that blood camp. Mai says she cant get anything. Ritu asks Jhumri to get ready, Mai asks why? Ritu says what if we distribute sarees from Jhumri’s hands? Tettar says it will benefit our election campaign. Mai gets angry, she pours kerosene on sarees and burns them, all are stunned.

Mauha is giving blood group card to people. Nimki says I will make village a better place. Dumri comes there and says I am scared, Ram says dont worry, I am here, Dumri is fluttering. Nimki taunts so much love. Dumri holds Ram’s hand while giving blood sample. One man says to his wife that why our son’s blood group is changed from mine? is he not mine? Ram says sometimes blood group is changed. Later, Tunee says to people that blood camp is ending, Nimki thought this for future of village, all chant for Nimki. Mauha says Nimki didnt give blood, she ranaway.

Ram and family comes home, they search for Nimki. Tunee tries to go to her room but Ram says you cant go there, Tunee says I will check washroom, Ram says no check room. Tunee comes in room and finds Nimki under bed. Ram comes there and asks if he is sleeping on floor? Nimki hints at Tunee to not tell she is hiding under bed. Tunee gets up. Ram looks under bed and finds Nimkii there, Mauha says did you get scared of blood test? Nimki says I have same blood group as Ram. Mauha says see lizard, Nimki runs out of under bed, Ram says you have to find your bloog group, they grad Nimki.

Scene 2
nimki and Mauha comes to Abhi’s house, she finds house decorated with lights, Abhi asks you both together? Nimki says I am feeling weak, I gave blood for blood group testing, Abhi says it takes one drop of blood, Abhi asks how was blood camp? Nimki says it was first class. She sees Abhi struggling with this bandage, so she takes it and starts tying it. She says everyone came to give blood, Mauha says Nimki hid under bed, Elena laughs. Abhi says it was good idea, Nimki says I get awesome ideas. Abhi gives her gifts and says its for diwali, she says you are requesting so I will take it, she thanks him and leaves with Mauha.

Sweety says to Mai that dont be angry, all are waiting for pooja. Mai says I wont go. Rekha says they are treating Jhumri as status of Mai, Mai is not respected anymore. Tettar shouts from lounge that if Mai is not coming then they will leave without her. Sweety and Rekha leaves for pooja. Mai is angry.

PRECAP- Nimki says to Ram that where is priest? call him, Ram says let me. Tettar’s family is doing pooja. Priest gets Ram’s call and says yes Ram? all are stunned to see Ram calling priest in middle of their pooja.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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