Nimki Mukhiya 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu goes in Nimki’s place

Nimki Mukhiya 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki calls tune and says I want to practice like a mukhiya.
Jhariya says to babbu you have to say i love you to her. He says will I say that? He says you can’t speak english. Babbu slaps him.
Ritu says to sweet you are still mad? She says yes. He says you always insult me. She says what about what you did on the holi? he says listen. She ays I don’t wanna talk. Amma says didn’t you hear? She doesn’t want to talk. Dadi says its their personal matter. Amma says its about my kids. Dadi says they are my kids too. Ritu says PDA is fashion these days. Babbu says dadi thats wrong. Dadi says whats wrong with loving wife? Babbu says so should I start loving too? Amma says what. Amma says sit here. Babbu says no I didn’t mean that. Amma says we were talking

about ritu and sweeti.
Sweeti says we trust you. dadi says nimki called on me holi when you all were busy playing. Amma says why don’t you say that to your son.

Ritu says you said i love you nimki. Babbu says shut up. He says keep your emotions in control.

Scene 2
dadi and elena are playing cricket. Mausi says she is like nimki. Abhi says why do you take her name all the time? Nimki calls him. He gives phone to mausi. sHe says abhi is bathing. Elena says I want to tlak. She says Mausi dadi bold me with cheating. Nimki says mausi dadi why did you do that to elean? Nimki says elana cheated. Elena says come and decide yourself.
Nimki says I have to go to ghat tola and plan with Tune.
Mausi says why didn’t you talk to nimki? he syas just want to stay away from her.

Diamond comes and says my friend did an accident. Babu says what should I do? He says please help you are mukhiya. AMma says he wont go anywhere.
Nimki says can I wear salwa kameez? Amma says one wears it here. Babbu says go from here we don’t care hwat you wear. She says I knew you would give me permission. Amma says go out. He says I will go and says to nimki yo go back to your room.

Babbu comes to the site of accident. there is tune on one he says side and diamond’s friend on one side. Babbu says to tune give the key back. Tune says i wont until they pay for the damage they did. He says shut and drives his car on tune’s friend’s bike.
Precap-Nimki comes to abhi’s house.
He says shame on you why did you come at the site of accident and send babbu?
Who is he?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This character of nimki is so shameless and has no self respect

  2. As of now, Nimki is very self obsessed with her own happiness and has no sense of self realization. She also lives in denial of anything unpleasant and tries to pretend that all is well hoping that it will actually become well if she ignores the obvious problems. I think it will be interesting to watch her character evolve and become more self realized and less self obsessed.

  3. thanks for the update Atiba

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