Nimki Mukhiya 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki gets blood bank camp idea

Nimki Mukhiya 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki is in clinic, she calls Tunee, he asks about her, she says Abhi is in injured, he needs blood, whats your blood group? Tunee asys I dont remember, Nahar says I dont remember mine too.

Sweety asks Grandma to eat food so she can take medicines. Rekha comes there and I got chips packets from grandma’s room, Mai says you got ill and still eating chips? if you die then I will be in peace, grandma throws things at her, Mai moves away. Rekha asks servant to clean it, servant is laughing, Sweety asks what happened? servant says Jhumri has gone for rally and cow ranaway, Rekha says this happens when servants are made heads. Grandma says lets catch cow.

Ram comes to clinic and asks how is Abhi? Nimki says I dont know anything, Nimki stops nurse and asks whats his blood

group? he says A+, doctor comes there and says my group is O+, Nimki says then give blood to Abhi. Abhi comes out and says I am fine, Nimki says you are alive? he says yes, she hugs him, he is surprised but hugs her, she moves away. Doctor says I was trying to tell you that he doesnt need blood, he is fine, Nimki is embarrassed.

Tettar’s family women is trying to control cow, grandma says you all cant even handle a cow? Mai is scared. Diamond comes there, Rekha says we are trying to control this cow, Diamond says I can do it alone, he tries to control it but cow runs behind him, he falls in pool, Sweety laughs.

Jhumri is running rally in village and asks for votes.

Nimki and Ram brings Abhi to home, Nimki asks him to have medicines, Abhi says go away, you are hurting my head. Elena comes there and asks what happened? did Nimki hit you? he says yes, Elena is about to attack Nimki but Abhi says no she helped me. Abhi says we have to buy gold too. Nimki says see Ram, when she cries, he buys gold for her, Elena says my father is best, Nimki says my father is best too, Abhi thanks Nimki, Nimki says no sorry, no thank you, Elena hugs her.

Ritu, Tettar and Babbu comes there, Diwali celebrations are going on, Tettar finds cow in house, Babbu asks why cow is here? Mai comes there and says you have made servant Jhumri busy in elections and there is no one to take care of things in house, Rekha says we have become servants here, Sweety says she is right, Tettar asks what happened? Rekha says you have made Jhumri busy, Mai says we had to catch cows, Tettar asks Servant to take it away.

Ram brings gifts for kids on Diwali, Mauha asks if he didnt bring anything for himself? Ram says no, Nimki says he is like ALok Nath, Ram gives Nimki and Mauha gold jewelry, Mauha says you didnt have to bring it? Nimki says Abhi scolded me as I wore his wife’s jewelry. Nahar and Tunee comes there, Nahar says Jhumri took out rally today, Nimki says what can we do against it? Nimki says I have an idea, I was searching for blood but no one knows about blood groups here, villagers dont have knowledge, we can set up blood bank camp and then everyone will know their blood groups, Nahar says it will take money, Nimki says think it as good deed, we can announce that your blood group finding will be free for whole village.

Elena says to Abhi that I want to sleep in your room, he makes her lie on bed and has headache, she asks what happened? Abhi says I am fine. Abhi gets Nimki’s call, Nimki says its good you got injured, now I have an idea that people dont know about their blood groups, tomorrow I will make people know their blood groups, Abhi looks on.

Politician calls Tettar and says its so good that you have setup blood bank camp in village,
Tettar says what? Babbu says its that Nimki,
she has setup that camp for village. Tettar says to Mai that if Jhumri distributes sarees in people instead of Amma then people will know that she has power. Mai gets angry and sets all sarees on fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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