Nimki Mukhiya 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu promises to never touch Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ram says to guests that leave the ritual, Nimki’s mother is not here. Bua says I will do it, why not, Nimki is like my daughter, Bua makes her dupatta as per ritual. Nimki says its smelling, she sprays on her saree and let her put her pallu on her head, Bua says you will be Babbu’s now. Nimki says dont be sad, now Babbu has to take all the tension.

Mai does ritual for Babbu and puts pallu over his head. Grandma says now Babbu will be of Nimki. Mai says Babbu will always be mine. Rekha says no man remains of mother after marriage but Dublo listens to his mom only. Babbu hugs Mai and says I will listen to you always. grandma says this house’s men never leave their mothers behind.

Mauha cries and says to Nimki that arent you sad that you are leaving? Nimki

says I do but I have to get married, you will have to not do my work. Mauha says dont know how palace will keep you. Nimki says I will rule there. Mauha says Mai seems to strict with you, Nimki says she will love me, I am Nimki afterall.

Mai is in her room and is tensed recalling people telling her that Babbu will be in Nimki’s trap and Mai will lose control over Babbu.

Dublo says to Babbu that its marriage, I know Tettar is doing for his gain but its marriage so respect it, otherwise dont it, runaway. Babbu sees Nimki calling, Dublo asks him to take it. Babbu takes it and asks what? Nimki says I am your responsibility from now on, we just have to take pheras, you are not your mothers but mine from now on.. Babbu says you.. Nimki says talk romantically. Nimki asks Babbu why you shy away from calling? my friend’s fiance use to call her before marriage and used to send kisses over phone. Babbu looks on. Mai comes there, Babbu ends call seeing her. Mai gets tensed seeing Babbu on call. Dublo says Nimki was calling, she loves him a lot, Mai asks Dublo to leave, she wants to talk to Babbu. Dublo leaves. Mai says to Nimki that they say man is loyal to wife not his mother, man doesnt care about his cast or name, what if you change? Babbu says what are you saying? Mai says promise me that you wont touch that Nimki, she will come here as daughter in law but will never be your wife. Babbu puts hand on her head and says I swear I will not let Nimki touch me ever. Dublo hears all that and is stunned.

Villagers are talking, one villager says that Ram is not spending any money on wedding, Tettar is doing it. Ram comes there and sees Tunee sitting idle, he asks Tunee to work fast, villager says Tettar have sent his cook to make food in wedding, one villager says you got lottery. Ram says I cant even give one food to guests. One villager says no men from their side will eat your food, other villager says dont know what trap Nimki put on Babbu. Tunee slaps him and says dont talk about Nimki like that. He asks Ram why he is silent? call Babbu and asks him to clear it otherwise it will be out of hands, he leaves.

Dublo comes to his room, Rekha asks him to take car in wedding, Dublo asks her to not joke. Rekha asks what saree should I wear? Dublo says this is not wedding but joke, one girl’s life is going to be destroyed, this is father’s drama but Mai is doing more bad than him. Rekha says you know Mai is not good, this is game of politics which you never understood, Nimki should not get more jewelry more than me. Dublo says I have to stop this wedding otherwise Nimki’s life will be destroyed.

PRECAP- In wedding venue, Tettar slaps Dublo and says be silent in this wedding like others, he leaves. Dublo calls Abhi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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