Nimki Mukhiya 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki asks Ram to convince Abhi

Nimki Mukhiya 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki asks Sweeti are you interested in Abhi?
Babbu says didi come out.. Sweeti comes. Babbbu says did he meet you outside? Sweeti says yes. Babbu says why didn’t you call me. did he touch you? Dablo says you should have called me. Nimki says how dare he. Babbu says let me shoot him. Tettar says he is running after her. He hasn’t forgotten her because he loves her. He cares for you. Nimki says what are you saying. Tettar says you shut up. No one waits for a woman this long. Society never accepts a divorce. Tettar says people keep asking me if he left Sweeti. Sweeti says I left him. Tettar says people will spit on me. Annaro tell her how your family is asking questions. Dablo says people talk in market too. Diamond says so are my friends. Tettar says go babbu shoot

him. People will say she is a widow. Nimki says we will get Sweeti married to someone else simple. Annnaro says no one does second marriage in our family. Nimki says you were getting Babbu married. Anaro says I am talkin about women. Babbu says why can’t didi marry? What is wrong with that? She can.
Nimki says exactly. I can find her a girl. Tettar shoots in the air. Tettar says go from here right now. He says this drama should end right now. Babbu says Ritu is doing drama. I am going to shoot him. Tettar says stop him.

Jhariya massages Ritu’s back. Nehar comes there. Ritu says what are you doing here? Nehar says my room is the next one. Ritu says go out. Jhariya goes out. Nehar comes back. Ritu says why did you come in front of Jhariya. He can tell Tettar. Nehar says sweeti is hanging out with Abhi. I am with you to get your identity back to you.
Nehar says to Ritu I will do anything to ruin tettar and Babbu. Ritu says I will ruin Sweeti first. Nehar says I am with you. He leaves. Jharia comes back. He says Nehar came again? Ritu says he came to buy my loyalties.

Scene 2
Nimki calls Mausi and says you have to convince Abhi. Sweeti is confused too. Mausi says they are made for each other. They should give their consent. Nimki says Elena Sweeti and Abhi look like a family. Mausi says I thought the same about you. Nimki says stop talking about me. Mausi says are you okay? She says I am fine. If I was in trouble I would have married Abhi. Where is he? Mausi says he will go to meet your dad. Nimki says I know how to convince him now.

Tettar says someone needs to calm Babbu down. Annaro says I will ask Dablo to talk to him.
Diamond comes back. He says didi went to BDO’s office. people saw her there. Tettar gets angry. He says see annaro what is happening. Our name will be ruined. Tettar says to Diamond I asked to be with her like a shadow. He can’t go anywhere alone. Tettar says this girl is getting out of hands.

Tune says to Ram this Mauha is always rude to me. She doesn’t have a brain. Nimki calls Tune. SHe says I want to talk to papa. Nimki says papa Abhi is coming to meet you. You have to talk to him about wedding. Ram says you? She says what? No I am talking about sweeti and abhi. You have to convince him. He will agree if you request. Ram says but Abhi.. Nimki says elena and sweeti are closed. ram is in tears. Tune says Nimki he isn’t well. Don’t say all this. He hangs up. Nimki wonders what is wrong.
Tune swipes Ram’s tears.

Precap-Nimki says to Mausi you have to convince Abhi before ritu comes back in picture. You and Abhi should go to haveli and ask for her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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