Nimki Mukhiya 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets injured

Nimki Mukhiya 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rekha says to Sweety that Abhi taunted Ritu about living his in laws house. Mai asks Sweety to not worry about it, Sweety says he was not wrong. Ritu comes there. Mai says Ritu you should take sweety to Patna. Sweety asks Ritu if he didnt like taunt then we should leave. Ritu says yes I have done work for elections, we should leave. Tettar says no, anyone can taunt but Ritu will stay here. Ritu says you dont give options, lets discuss plan, they leaves. Sweety looks on.

Mauha and Mono are decorating house for elections, Mauha asks her to work too, Nimki says minister doesnt work,they make others do work. Mauha says I should take Abhi’s lunchbox. Nimki says I will take it,you do so much work, let me take it. Mauha says now you want to help me? Nimki says you are house’s

hope so let me take it, she takes lunchbox and leaves.

Mai and other women are buying jewelry. Rekha likes on necklace. Mai asks Sweety to buy too, Sweety says I dont want it. Grandma says please buy it. Rekha says they dont worry about me. Mai says I should buy necklace for my daughter in law. Rekha says let me show you which one I like. Mai whispers that you dont have standard for this.

Nimki comes to Abhi’s house and says I took lunchbox and fooled Mauha and came here, she thanks Abhi for coming to Babbu’s house for them, Abhi says no thanks and sorry in friendship. Nimki says I heard this line in movie meine pyar kiya movie. Abhi blushes, he gets call and leaves. Elena says we are going to buy gold jewelry. Nimki says I wish to get husband like Abhi.Elena shows her mother’s jewelry, Nimki says I wish I could wear it, Elena says you can. Nimki wears her jewelry and says they are so nice. Abhi comes there and asks what she is doing? does she know whose jewelry is this? Nimki says your wife’s, dont get angry, I was just checking, Abhi shouts that dont say rubbish, you dont care about emotions, take them off and leave right now. Nimki takes them off, she says my father never scolded me like this and you? she leaves. Elena says I made her wear all this. Abhi is disappointed.

Nimki is in rickshaw. She sees Abhi following her on bike, he says I am sorry, Nimki asks driver to not stop, dont listen to these rich people. Abhi stands infront of rickshaw. Nimki comes out and says what was this? Abhi tries to pay driver, driver says dont follow her, she is my girlfriend, Nimki says what? dont have this thinking even in dream, she asks Abhi to pay him, he does, she asks driver to leave, he leaves. Abhi asks how to pacify her? she says like in movie, sprinkle rose petals from helicopter, Abhi says I dont have that much budget. Abhi sees a truck coming near them, he pushes Nimki away and his head on stone.

Nahar is with Tunee. Nahar is worried about elections and says nothing is going right, Nimki fainted and then she praised Babbu instead of challenging Babbu? Tunee says we can setup another rally for Nimki, Nahar says she will ask for another dress, no way. Tunee says I will pacify her to wear old dress but you remember your promise, you know my feelings for her, Nahar says I remember.

Nimki brings Abhi to clinic, his head is bleeding, she asks nurse to check him, he is busy on phone, she scolds hims and says do you know he is BDO? Doctor comes there and scolds nurse, he checks Abhi. Nimki asks to treat him, doctor says his blood lost, whats his blood group? Nimki says I dont know, she calls manager and says Abhi got injury, whats his blood group? he says O+, Nimki asks him to go home and take care of Elena. Nimki calls Ram and tells him everything, she asks whats your blood group? she says I dont remember, Mauha doesnt know, Nimki says all family members are useless.

PRECAP- Abhi comes out of clinic and says Nimki I am fine, Nimki says you are alive? he nods, she hugs him tightly, he is surprised but hugs her, Ram is there too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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