Nimki Mukhiya 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki plans to get justice

Nimki Mukhiya 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Soraj that I will kill her today. Soraj stops her and says have you gone mad? Nimki says if you love her then take her to hospital, get her treatment and make Kundan’s son pay for his deeds.

Diamond is leaving, Rekha asks where is he going? Mai says you are his sister in law so remain that. Diamond says Rekha now you know your worth? Dublo comes there. Diamond asks for car keys, Dublo says its in room, bring it, Diamond ignores it, Dublo shouts at him and asks him to bring the key. Diamond says dont shout. Mai says he is your brother, bring the key. Dublo says to Mai that you will inaugurate my gas agency, Mai says call reporters there and make them take my photo and publish it. Dublo says as you say.

Soraj says to Abhi and Nimki that we cant take this

thing out, Kundan has even threatened us. Abhi says dont be scared, we will get you police protection. Soraj says nobody can take action against politicians here. Nimki says I am serious for first time in life, bring this case to Panchayat and I will make them pay. Soraj says but my daughter’s respect will be destroyed, her character will be tarnished. Abhi shouts that what about your respect? your daughter didnt get disrespected when he raped her, she was disrespected when you didnt take stand for her, girl is always pure, her rape didnt make her any less, you people dont want to change thinking, its useless to talk to you, he leaves.

Sweety says to Mai that Nimki wants justice for the girl who was raped. Mai says leave that, Nimki wants to handle this case because she wants to snatch head position power from Babbu. Sweety says what are you saying? one girl was raped and you are thinking about positions? Mai says why are you taking that raped girl’s side? what relation do you have with Nimki? Rekha says she is not from our home. Sweety says what if our house’s girls get raped? Mai says nobody can touch our girls, remember the guys who tried to touch you? this house’s men will not leave the person who try to do that. Sweety says so you people feel safety because of men of this house? Rekha says brothers, husbands have duty to protect us while we handle the house. Sweety says what if all men from our lives die? Mai will you find another man to protect you? Mai shouts Sweety! Rekha says you want all men of this house to die? Sweety asks her to shut up. Rekha says my mother sent some sarees for you, Sweety angrily leaves. Rekha says what if Tettar really dies? Mai gets tensed.

Scene 2
Abhi says to Nimki that Soraj is shameless, he is a father but doesnt care about his daughter. Mauha says we should complain against Soraj. Abhi says if Richa gives statement against them then we can file complaint against all. Mauha says what about that girl now? she will have to live this life now. Nimki says we have to do something fast. Abhi says Tettar can do anything for his votes. Nimki says you are right, I will talk to Tettar and ask him what he is upto. Abhi says no first see what Tettar has to say. Nimki says I will make Richa get justice, I keep seeing her face. Ram hugs her. Nimki says this is bad. Dumri comes there and asks what happened here? were you people gossiping about me? Dumri says I made laddos. Abhi says I will leave. He leaves. Nimki goes to her room. Dumri asks if everything is fine? Ram says yes. Dumri says why all are sad? Tunee says Ram was missing you.

Tettar meets Soraj, Tettar says I talked to Kundan but Chirag is already engaged and we cant destroy that girl’s house, we will find a relation for your daughter. Babbu says Tettar have already found a proposal from Chacha. Richa’s mother says that guy is mentally not stable. Soraj says you people keep changing statements, if good that I die. Ritu says leave Kundan, we can get your daughter married to someone else. Soraj says your daughter in law Nimki wants me to file complaint, Nahar says something else and Nimki eve brought Abhi here. Babbu and Tettar are stunned.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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