Nimki Mukhiya 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki gets ready for grand wedding

Nimki Mukhiya 17th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to family that you drank my bad tea to keep my heart? Mauha and Mono hugs her and cry. Bua says dont cry now, there is time so we can sleep. Nimki says if you sleep now then you wont be able to wake up on time, Ram says what we will do till morning? Nimki says we can play luddo.. All start playing luddo.

Grandma asks to start preparing for ritual. Rekha says call Babbu to start film. Mai comes there and says you want cinema? Babbu asks her to calm down. Mai says I am not scared of anyone. Grandma says its sangeet ritual so sing songs. Sweety makes Babbu sit down. Grandma asks where is Tettar? Mai says he must be planning something. Rekha asks where is Mannu? Rekha says I told him to not go anywhere, there is ritual today but he didnt come. Babbu says I will go and

find him, one guest says you have sat in ritual so you cant get up, it will be bad omen. Sweety says I will ask Diamond to bring him. Diamond bring Mannu there on gun point. Mannu says I will cut this diamond. Grandma asks Mannu to do ritual as uncles have to do it. Mannu says I wont do it. Grandma points gun at him and says if you dont do ritual then I will shoot you before Tettar. Babbu says do it uncle, grandma is too good with gun. Mannu makes Babbu eat leaves as per ritual, he whispers to Babbu that dont let your father win, we can do something, we can make Tettar listen too. Grandma says this ritual will remove all bad omens from marriage, Babbu says father is biggest oman. Mai eats nuts instead of Babbu, guest says Mai took all bad omens on herself.

Nimki’s haldi ceremony is going on. Tunee looks at Nimki and imagines himself getting married with her. Nimki comes to Tunee and sees him dancing himself, she strikes with him and haldi gets applied on Tunee’s shirt, she tries to wipe it off while he stares at her and says you are looking very nice, Nimki blushes and says should I blush? Tunee says you should shyly talk to me once more. Nimki acts shy and says what if anyone sees us? Tunee blushes. Nimki says how was my shying? Tunee imagines romantic dance with her and is about to crush groom’s turban under his foot but Ram stops him and says this is Babbu’s turban. Nimki says this is bad omen. Nimki says my husband should look smart, Tunee make it repaired, she says Tunee is sad that I will leave after wedding, Tunee nods and leaves.

Mannu says to Mai that now we have to see this day, that Diamond was pointing gun at me. Mai says this all is happening at Tettar’s orders, Mannu and says you are silent in all this? eating nuts will not take bad omens away, do something otherwise your value will be zero, what if Babbu changes too, that Nimki will dancer over your head. Mai panics and says go, leave me alone. Mannu says that will not stop this marriage, today is wedding, in two days that girl will be in this house, infront of your eyes all the time as your daughter in law and Babbu’s wife, what will you name you grandchildren as? Mai slaps him hard and says what did you say? Mannu says they are getting married so they will have kids. Mai says my Babbu wont do it and I wont let is happen. Mannu says I have seen world, man doesnt care about cast or status, Babbu is not a baby that will remain on your side, once he gets a girl then he chant Nimki’s name all the time, its not about just marriage but future too, think about it. Mai gets tensed and says you are right, what if my Babbu changes? no.. it will not be good, I have to do something.

Dumri says to Nimki that you have to ritual fast. Nimki is taking steam, Mauha says she is doing it for cleaning her face. Dumri calls Ram and says look at this Nimki? we have to ritual and she is taking steam, Bua says we all are staying for ritual and she is doing it. nimki says what ritual is this? Dumri says this ritual is like mother’s hug, she hugs daughter for last time and sends her off. Mauha says our mother did it wa before. All look on. Dumri says why you are saying like that? Ram says leave it, mother is not here but we have to do the ritual. Nimki gets sad.

PRECAP- Mai says to Babbu that one guest said that man is not of mother’s but his wife’s, promise me that girl will come in this house but you will not be trapped in her lure. Babbu puts hand on her head and says I promise I will never touch that Nimki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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