Nimki Mukhiya 17th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu doesn’t come to pick Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 17th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: Ram and Mauha ask Nimki what is wrong between her and Babbu? She says nothing. Ram goes to haveli and they insult him.

Scene 1
Nimki comes home. Mauha says how does the decoration look? Baba will bring lights. Whhy are you silent? When is Babbu coming? Nimki says he won’t come today. Mauha says he said he will come today. Ram says you go Mauha. He says to Nimki is everything okay between you and Babbu? He didn’t come yesterday as well. Nmki goes to her room. Ram says please tell me. Nimki says calm down. Life is not a movie. Don’t worry. Everything is fine. Ram says you have to tell me. Ram says please tell me are you happy? Nimki says you are valentine. We will celebrate toegther. Mauha says why is Babbu not coming? Nimki says he is busy. She dances

with Ram and Muha. Everyone gets happy. Nimki says I am so lucky you are my father. Mauha says yes we are. Nimki says he didn’t come. He really loves me and knows that I love you. He wants me to spend time with you. He will come tomorrow. Ram hugs her.

Scene 2
Next morning Ram hears people talking about Nimki. They ask Ram why is Nimki not going back to her house? Ram says he is busy he will come. Ram goes to his house. Mauha says papa please don’t take it on your heart. Ram says I don’t know if he will come or not. This isn’t a small thing. Chachi says did you call at her house or not? Chachi says everyone is talking about Nimki. Nimki comes out. She says what happened? Mauha says nothing. Chachi said she will cook food for you. Chachi says yes yes I will.

Ram comes to Tettar’s house. Tettar says did you bring the letter? Ram says what letter? Why isn’t Babbu coming to pick her. Ritu says he is very busy. Ram says people are talking in the village. We will welcome Ram. Amma says he doesn’t need your welcome. My babbu wont’ come to your house. Ramm says its a ritual. Babbu says he isn’t free for all this. What does this Nimki want? Tettar says go in. Amma says I won’t. Babbu isn’t her servant that he will come to pick her. Ram says what are you saying. He is Nimki’s husband. Amma says go and tell your daughter he won’t come. She has to come herself if she doesn’t want to she can stay there. Tettar says go inside. Ritu says don’t mind. Nimki called her and asked her to send her makeup. So she got mad. Tettar says go home and send nimki here. Someone will come to pick her. Dont’ worry. Mishra calls Tettar. Amma says go now. Ram leaves.

Precap-Abhi says to Babbu you can’t go inside. This training is for Mukhiya. Babbu says I am her husband. Abhi says only real candidate can go in. Babbu says she won’t come. Abhi says then you can’t go in either.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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