Nimki Mukhiya 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki safely comes back from Babbu’s palace

Nimki Mukhiya 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Mai that her new daughter in law will take care of her. Nimki says I gave money back to Babbu, he wont keep it but I dont trust Dayya. Tettar shouts to shut up. Grandma says I remember Mai’s younger days seeing her. Ritu says to Nimki and Ram that how dare you go against us? do you know who he is? Nimki says yes Tettar is Babbu’s father. Tettar says tell me my position, Ram says you are head of whole village. Ritu says how dare you challenge Babbu and Tettar? Ram says she is a kid. Babbu says she is not kid. Nimki says we will remain kids in elders’ eyes.

Mauha and Mono comes to Abhi’s office, Mauha cries and says they took Ram and Nimki to Tettar’s house. Abhi asks jer to calm down and Tettar wont do anything. He gives them water.

Abhi says I will go there.

Ram says to Tettar that we dont have guts to challenge you all. Nimki says I didnt want to become head, I was supporting Babbu and I wanted handsome guy like him to become head, you dont give him value. Mai says what rubbish is this? Ritu says if you dont stop drama then I will shoot Ram. Ram asks Nimki to say sorry. Nimki says I will say sorry as SRK said saying sorry doesnt make me small. Ram’s phone rings. Ram says BDO Abhi is callin. Ritu whispers to Tettar that BDO is calling him, let him go otherwise it will be issue. Tettar says if you try to challenge us again then I will shoot you all, leave now. Mai says you will send them just like that? Tettar says leave now. Nimki says if Mai is stopping with love then I will watch palace as I am here, Babbu says what did you say? Nimki says I get shy infront of you. Mai asks her move away from him. Nimki says to Grandma that please, I never came in this palace, let me check it out. Tetter shoots in air, Nimki says wont they send us back in car? Ram drags her out of palace. Mai says dont give attention to this girl. Abhi comes there. Ritu says he must have come on Ram’s order. Abhi gives grand entry. Sweety says he is hero, Rekha says he is handsome, Mai says less than my Babbu. Ritu says come inside Abhi. Abhi asks where is Ram and Nimki? Babbu says are you police? Abhi says its elections time and I am on duty for that. Ritu says they left. Abhi says why did you call them here? Ritu says we called them to congratulate for elections. Abhi calls Ram and asks if everything is fine? Nimki is fine? Ram says I am taking her home. Abhi ends call and says you were right Ritu. Ritu says have tea with us, Abhi says I will have breakfast too, Babbu glares at him.

In village, Nahar says this is injustice, we will fight against Tettar for taking Ram and Nimki. Nimki and Ram comes there. Nahar asks if everything is fine? he says to Ram that lets go to police and file FIR against Tettar, he cant abduct candidate like this. Ram says its not needed, he just called to meet. Mauha says then why did they take you both like this? they are cruel, she angrily leaves.

Rekha brings breakfast for Abhi. Ritu says have things. Abhi says you enjoy too, Abhi asks Babbu to have some too. Babbu glares at him. Tettar says I bring cookies from Delhi. Abhi says its called nachos or Nimki, all glare at him. Abhi asks what about elections? Babbu says we win everytime and we will win this time too. Ritu says no he means candidate Jhumri that we are supporting. Abhi asks about ladies, Ritu says Sweety is my wife. Abhi says I thought you come and go from here but you are permanent resident here, Ritu gets tensed hearing it. Abhi turns to leave but finds dart board with holes in it, he asks what is this? Ritu says when grandma wants to play, she shoots at this board. Abhi laughs and says I will come to see your target someday, grandma says want to see right now? he says no and leaves.

Nimki is dreaming about Tettar’s palace. Tunee brings gun there, Nimki gets scared and asks where did you get gun? Tunee says if heroine gets taken by enemy then what hero has to do? he has to take revenge, I got it from a goon. Nimki says have you gone mad? what if he comes here to take this gun back? Tunee says I am angry, just tell me whom to shoot. Nimki says no I enjoyed to go there, I always used to see palace from far but today I saw it closely, Tune asks what she is thinking? Nimki says what if Babbu ji accepts my debate challenge?

PRECAP- Nimki wears jewelry which Elena gave her, Nimki looks in mirror and says wish I had all this jewelry. Abhi comes there and gets angry, he says what are you doing? do you know whose jewelry is this? Nimki says I know its your wife’s, its just small jewelry, dont be angry. Abhi says shut up, dont say rubbish, take these off and leave. Nimki is hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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