Nimki Mukhiya 16th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki’s motherly love

Nimki Mukhiya 16th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Elena asks Nimki if she is really her mother? Nimki says who is a mother? who dont let her kids cry, you can bear the pain for her kids, Elena asks what else mothers do? Nimki says mother love, care and make others happy. Elena says I made you happy so I am your mother, Nimki laughs and says then we are each others mother, they hug each other.

Kundan says to Nahar that I talked to officer, he said that if you win then we will increase road lengths, Nahar says we will earn from that. Kundan says officer can go to Tettar too, his brother in law is in jail and whoever will bring him out, officer will support that person, that officer’s party is strong, they can give us support in getting votes.

Elena is playing hide and seek with Nimki. Sweety comes there and says I brought

ice-cream for Elena. Elena says only for me? Sweety says I forgot to bring it for Nimki, Nimki says we will share, Elena says why sharing? I will eat it, you are a mother. Sweety says Elena please forget my mother’s words. Elena says I know, oldies can act like kids. Babbu comes there and asks Sweety why she is here? he asks Nimki why did she argue with my mother? go and say sorry to Mai, Sweety asks Babbu to come with her, Sweety takes Babbu from there. Nimki asks Elena to enjoy ice-cream.

Sweety says to Babbu that you know what Mai did with Elena? Babbu says who is that Elena? this Nimki cant argue with my mother, Sweety says if Mai is a mother then Nimki is like a mother for Elena, she will not spare anyone if anyone tries to hurt Elena, not even you and I was a witness that Mai was wrong.

Rekha says to Dublo that today is the first time someone shouted at Mai, Mai’s rule is ending, Dublo says no Mai is nice, she takes care of everyone. Rekha says no Mai only cares for Babbu, when you took 5 lacs for business, Mai took my jewelry away, its good that her rule is ending in this house. Dublo says you are right, first we will let Nimki destroy Mai’s rule and then we will take rule from Nimki. Rekha says yes we have to support Nimki from now on as she has power.

Scene 2
Nimki and Elena are talking to Abhi on video call, Elena asks why there is a beep? Abhi says monitor is showing heartbeat, Elena says what if beep stops? Aunt says dont say like that, Nimki says his heart is beating fast because of seeing a beautiful girl like me. Abhi asks Elena if she is enjoying in palace? Elena says yes. Sweety comes there, Elena says come inside, Sweety says to Abhi that its good that you are becoming fine. Sweety says to Elena that lets go make pakoras, Elena goes with her. Nimki asks Abhi if he is fine? he says yes, she says take care. She asks where is my father? is he taking care of Abhi? Aunt says yes, she ends call.

Mai asks Tettar to call your daughter in law and ask her to say sorry. Tettar says you should say sorry, Babbu make your Mai understand that she is getting mad. Babbu says to Mai that even if it was Elena’s fault, she is a kid, you should leave her. Tettar says you can destroy our plan. Mai says I wont say sorry. Ritu says just hug her. Tettar holds her hand and says if we get Abhi’s support then we can win elections, Babbu says if Elena tells everything to her father then we can lose elections, Mai says you are doing politics too. Babbu says I want Nahar to lose it. Tettar says then you have to act as a nice husband to Nimki too. Mai says we are pawns too in this politics, she leaves.

Mai comes in lounge and sees Elena there. Tettar asks if she is hungry? Elena nods. Ritu thinks if Nimki is in room? Mai shouts who is in kitchen? Sweety comes out of kitchen and says Nimki knows where she has to go or not. Tettar says to Elena that Mai is a little angry in mind. Elena says to Nimki that you didnt tell me that Mai is a mental, all are stunned. Mai glares at her.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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