Nimki Mukhiya 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki hears Tettar’s plot

Nimki Mukhiya 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mono says to Mauha that you should cover yourself. Ram and Tunee comes there. Mono says Rijesh looks at Mauha with wrong eyes and he talks ill about her, Mauha should cover herself, she is a girl. Ram says if a man looks at girl with wrong eyes then girl should cover herself? Tunee says I will handle him. Ram asks Mauha to eat, she says I am not hungry, he says then I will not eat too. She says I am bringing food. Ram asks Tunee if he didnt see Richa’s rapist? Tunee says I saw his face from side but I cant remember him. Ram says we have to bring him to police. Mauha says then what? he will come out of jail if he goes in but what about girl’s honor? once her name is out then her life is destroyed, society doesnt let girl live a good life after something like this happens with

her when its not her fault. Mono hears it and cries, he says sorry to Mauha. Muaha says if you try to act like father, brother, husband then you wont be able to respect women.

Kundan meets Ritu, Tettar and Babbu. Ritu says your son took revenge from that girl because she opened his truth about that function. Kundan says I am sorry about that. Ritu says this case will go to panchayat. Nimki is passingby and hears them. She sees Kundan with Tettar, talking to them. Nimki says they have made enemies on their side. Ritu asks Kundan to send Chirag away for some days, Babbu says yes we will handle Soraj. Nimki recalls how Chirag was eyeing Richa in function, she says Chirag was behind all this? Tettar says make Richa marry Chirag, it will end this matter. Nimki says they are making her marry that rapist Chira. Ritu says to Kundan that you have only this choice, Kundan ask them to handle this matter. Kundan says this is about my respect and party’s respect and if its destroyed then you will not get votes, it will be your loss too. Tettar says send Chirag away for somedays, we will try to handle this matter, Ritu says you have to write down that you will be on our side and your village’s votes will be ours too. Kundan says you will get my votes. Nimki hears all this and says Tettar is changing sides, such big cheating with me, he told me to get justice for Richa and he is setting his campaign here, no, I cant let injustice happen with Richa, he is not an MLA but I am head of village.

Nahar says to Dublo that I will not come to your gas agency launch as your father will get angry, Dublo says you are right, he was angry that I got this deal. Nahar says I can be your father but you have to be with me in elections. Dublo says Kundan shook hands with Tettar, Nahar says I am trying to save his son but he is going to their side. Dublo says then why you are saving Chirag? bring him to police, this way Kundan will be exposed and Tettar will lose votes. Nahar says you are right, Kundan is in their party, they will lose votes if I make this my election campaign. Dublo says I want money for my agency, Nahar says I will give it to you.

Abhi, Nimki and Tunee comes to Soraj’s house. Soraj asks them to leave, we have solved everything, I have talked to Tettar. Richa comes there crying. Her mother says we have solved everything, Chirag is ready to marry her but she doesnt want to marry him. Richa says they are forcing me to marry him. Nimki says come with me, we will file complaint. Soraj asks her to go inside. Abhi says lets take her to hospital, we will file complaint and Chirag will get punished. Soraj says he will come out but we will be destroyed, if she gets married to him then my daughter will be saved, her honor will be safe, she will get happy, Abhi says what if he doesnt keep her happy? Soraj says then she can do suicide. Nimki says if you want her to die then lets her kill her today. She takes lantern and says I will make your work easy, she lighs match stick and looks at Richa. Soraj and his wife gets tensed for their daughter.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I commend the writer’s of Nimki Mukhiya for giving us a woman hero instead of a man always saving a woman. And also for exploring this storyline to educate people

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