Nimki Mukhiya 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi saves Nimki’s respect

Nimki Mukhiya 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ram stops Abhi and says you know everything about Nimki, she had to bear so much, her mother left her so I fulfilled every wish of her, she is like princess for me. When Tettar brought proposal for her, I thought she is really a princess so I said yes, if this proposal breaks then she will breakdown too, please save Nimki’s respect, if these people start talking then they wont stop. Abhi says I wont let people disrespect her. Ram cries.
Abhi and Ram comes back to function. Tettar asks if there is something to tell now? Abhi says to Nimki that I did everything for you as a friend only, you are right, we are just friends only, your hapiness is my happiness. Nimki says to villagers that hear he is just my friend. Abhi says Nimki takes me as friend only, Tettar are you okay

now? Ram says to Tettar that Nimki’s respect is in your hands, if you want then.. Tettar says no no, Nimki is our respect, I just wanted to clear this thing infront of all, he blesses Nimki and leaves. Abhi says I am leaving, Nimki says what about my sangeet? Abhi says move ahead in life.. Nimki hugs him, he tightly hugs her and leaves.

Mannu says to Mai that I can kill Tettar, we have to stop this marriage, its about our respect, I dont know how Babbu accepted this. Babbu comes there and says this is just drama, just see what is going to happen. Mannu says what do you mean? Mai says we look calm but we are boiling with anger inside. Mannu says we can kill Nimki. Babbu says we thought that too but couldnt do it. Mai says all people are involved with Tettar here. Mannu says I will call my killer from outside village, I have connections in other villages, we will just pretend to be okay with this wedding while my killer will make Nimki disappear and she will not be found anywhere.

Scene 2
At night, Nimki messages Abhi but he ignores it. Aunt comes there and asks what he is thinking? Abhi says Nimki doesnt know how much I love her, I couldnt say it because of Ram’s respect, Aunt says you could have broken Tettar’s relation with them, Abhi says no it would have broken Ram and Nimki, they have hopes from this proposal. Aunt says I am worried about you too, Nimki have her family with her but you and Elena dont have anyone.

Nimki wakes up and says today is my and Babbu’s wedding, get ready, I have so much work to do, have to go to parlour too. Its still dark outside, she sees all sleeping. She wakes Ram up and says its morning. Ram says its 3:30AM only. Bua wakes up too. Nimki shouts for everyone to wake up and says today is my marriage. All family members wake up, Mauha says not only you are getting married, so calm down. Nimki says no its my marriage, she says I will make tea for you all today, all are stunned. Nimki goes in kitchen but messes things around. Mauha says I will make it, Nimki says no I will make it. Nimki makes tea and offers it to family saying good morning. All drink her tea and make disgusting faces. All say its good. Nimki says I will not make tea in my inlaws house, I will order servants to make tea for me, drink my hand’s tea for one last time. Ram gets sad and says yes tomorrow you will leave. Nimki says dont worry, Mauha will make tea for you.. he sadly looks at her. She ask them to drink tea, all get tensed. Nimki tastes her tea and says its so bad but you people are drinking because I made it for one last time? Mauha and Mono hugs her.

PRECAP- Diamond points gun at Mannu and says Tettar said if you dont do ritual then shoot you. Mannu asks Mai to stop Diamond. Grandma asks Mannu to the ritual, uncles have to do it. Mannu says I wont do any ritual, this marriage is happening against my will. Grandma points gun at him, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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