Nimki Mukhiya 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki spends valentine’s day with Abhi and family

Nimki Mukhiya 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode Description/highlight: Nimki comes to Abhi’s house and spends day with them. Abhi makes pasta for Nimki. Mai makes issue of finding Nimki’s lipstick in palace, she blames Babbu for bringing it. Babbu calls Nimki and asks about it but Nimki tells him about spending valentine’s day with Abhi and asks if he is jealous? Nimki is worried if Abhi will come to pick her up.

Scene 1
Nimki tears her head training envelope, she says put this letter in official envelope from government send it to my palace, I live there now, send it there. Abhi says yes Tettar and family should know she got government’s letter.

Rekha says to Dublo that we should go and enjoy. Tettar says Mai thought valentine is a slang. Servant serves them tea, she is hiding Nimki’s

lipstick she stole, she mistakenly drops it on sofa. Babbu comes there and sits there. Ritu says are you going to celebrate Valentine with Nimki? Babbu shouts is this some joke? this is not fun, he leaves. Sweety asks Ritu to control his tongue. Mai asks Tettar to go and work. Mai sits on sofa and finds lipstick there, she asks whose it is? Servant says its Nimki’s lipstick. Mai says she called to send this shade of lipstick only. Rekha says whats its doing sofa? Babbu was sitting on sofa, did he drop it? Mai says it means Babbu was going to give her lipstick? She shouts for Babbu.

Nimki comes to Abhi’s house and meets Elena, Elena ignores her. Aunt says she doesnt want to talk to you. Nimki says I will leave then, she hides from Elena. Elena asks Aunt if Nimki really left? I was just acting. Nimki comes out and hugs her, Elena says you dont even miss me. Nimki says no, this aunt doesnt want me to come here. Aunt says elena is happy so I wont say anything. Abhi comes home, Nimki smile. Elena says Nimki will have dinner with us, Nimki says no Babbu is coming to take me. Elena says wont you be my valentine? Nimki says okay till Babbu doesnt come, I will be your valentine. Nimki says Abhi will make pasta for us, Abhi smiles.

Dublo says to Mai that you really think Babbu will keep Nimki’s lipstick to give it to her? Tettar says Mai keeps creating scene, Babbu is there and is tensed. Mai says but how this lipstick came here then? Rekha says yes someone brought it here and Babbu is young, his heart can slip, Babbu glares at her. Sweety says Babbu didnt go to Nimki’s room, dont doubt him. Mai says cant you see lipstick? Ritu says she just came in house, head position game will start and then Tettar will get MLA seat, just calm down till then, Tettar and Ritu leaves. Grandma says how this lipstick came here? Rekha says what if Nimki came in house at night and mistakenly dropped it here. Mai says she came here? Grandma says Babbu said he didnt bring it here so leave it. Rekha says its valentine so he must be celebrating it. Mai asks Babbu to promise.. Babbu shouts to stop it, she keeps calling me and you people keep asking me about lipstick, I dont know how it came here, I will ask Nimki.

Nimki is enjoying Abhi’s pasta and says its world’s best. Elena says but how you its best? Nimki says its about feelings, Aunt says you couldnt understand his feelings, she says what? Abhi says nothing, how is everything in palace? Nimki gets silent but says its all nice, there are many guests.. Abhi asks about Babbu? Nimki says Babbu is in love with me, he is sad that I came here, he said he is coming, he keeps calling me. Aunt says he didnt call you from the time you are here. Abhi asks why she is silent? Babbu calls her, Nimki says see he is calling. Nimki takes Babbu’s call, Babbu asks what about lipstick thing? Nimki says I changed the saree and lipstick color. Babbu asks did you come in palace? Nimki says you are feeling my presence? Abhi asks Nimki if she is coming? she says yes. Babbu says whom you are with? Nimki says I am with Abhi, I told you if you dont come then I will celebrate valentine with someone else so I celebrated it with Abhi, Babbu says what rubbish are you saying? Nimki asks if he is jealous? I can smell it, Babbu ends call. Babbu says she is with Abhi. Rekha says what to do with this lipstick? Mai gets angry and paints Rekha’s face with lipstick, all are stunned.

Abhi asks Nimki if Babbu is coming to pick her? Nimki thinks he wont come and gets tensed.

PRECAP- Ram comes to palace and says its ritual that husband brings wife from her father’s house. Mai says what rubbish is this that Bsbbu have to pick her up? my Babbu is not your servant, if she wants to come then she can otherwise keep her at your house. Ram is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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