Nimki Mukhiya 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki asks Abhi if he loves her?

Nimki Mukhiya 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says in her sangeet function that now Dumri’s turn. Dumri says Ram have to dance with me, he is stunned. Ram and Dumri starts dancing on mehndi laga rakhna.. All enjoy their entertaining performance. All clap for them. Tunee looks at Nimki and imagines her coming to him and running to his arms, he imagines her hugging her but Ram wakes him from dream. Mauha asks Tunee if he will not sing in Nimki’s sangeet? Mono says Tunee will dance too. All cheer for Tunee. Abhi comes there too. Elena shows her mehndi to him. He smiles at her. Aunt sadly looks at him. Nimki says to Abhi that Tunee is about to start singing. All cheer Tunee. Tunee starts singing sad song ishq dokha.. all are stunned. Tunee sings sad song looking at Nimki, she frowns.. Ram stops Tunee and says why

you are singing sad songs? stop it. Nimki says now Abhi will perform. Abhi says me? nimki says yes, you will not sing in my sangeet? Mauha says please sing, Mono says yes, not a sad song like Tunee. Nimki says Abhi will sing and dance both, all clap. Elena says he dances well. Nimki says yes I have seen. She winks at Abhi. Tunee gives mic to Abhi. Abhi sings and dances on hello hello.. they all dance with him. Ram and Dumri dance with him too. Nimki starts dancing with Abhi too. Tettar and Ritu comes there and sees it. Tettar says singing is going on here. Ram says how come you here? Tettar says we were just passing by, he greets Abhi and says you are here from before. Tettar says Abhi is enjoying here. Abhi says I told you I am invited from girl’s side. Tettar says you are enjoying her sangeet and while hiding you are.. Nimki is confused. Abhi asks what you want to say? Tettar says you want to stop marriage? Nimki says what you mean? Ritu says what interest Abhi have? he even made Dayya get drunk, Tettar says ask him if he wants you and Babbu to marry or not. Ritu says seems like he wants to break this marriage. Nimki says I talked to him, he is happy. Tettar says no he just wants to break it, seems like he has eyes on Nimki. Abhi shouts that you are pointing finger at nimki. Tettar says Nimki is our respect, Ritu says Abhi is disrespecting her. Abhi asks Tettar to stop it. One villager says I told that there is something going on, he comes behind Nimki everytime. Ritu says Nimki is not bad, its Abhi that have something bad in his heart. Abhi glares at him. Dumri says means Abhi loves Nimki.. Ritu says truth is bitter.. Tunee says not Abhi but.. Nimki says enough, they are putting cheap blame on Abhi, he is my friend.. Ritu says ask Abhi too, he is in love with you thats why trying to break your and Babbu’s relation. Nimki says Abhi is just my friend but I will ask him for you. Nimki asks Abhi to tell everyone if we have lovers relationship or friends? Abhi looks down. Nimki asks if he loves her? he sadly looks at her, all look on. Tettar thinks I will make drama of Abhi infront of everyone. Tettar says tell people truth, your game will come out. Nimki says no, he is not playing any game, his heart is clean, I know his heart, he cares for me, he wants to see me happy, he cares for my whole family, he loves Mauha as much he loves me, this is just friendship, dont insult such a nice man, we are just friends and nothing else. Abhi leaves from there. Ram goes behind him. Tettar smirks. Nimki is tensed.

PRECAP- Mannu says to Mai that how did Babbu agree to marry Nimki? Babbu comes there and says this is all drama, just see what I will do. Mannu says we can kill Nimki. Mai says all people are involved with Tettar. Mannu says I will call my man and nobody would know where Nimki went.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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