Nimki Mukhiya 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki says ‘I love you’ to Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode Description/highlights: Nimki asks Babbu to celebrate valentine’s day with her but he denies. Ram is worried that Babbu is coming to pick Nimki up. Nimki calls Mai and asks her to send her lipsticks but she shouts at her. Nimki goes to Abhi’s office and meets him, she tears her head training letter there.

Scene 1
Nimki is sadly sitting in her room and singing tujhe yaad na meri ayi. Mauha asks why she is not sleeping? Nimki says when heroine waits for hero in movies, she sings songs like that. Mauha says but this is not movie, Nimki says let me hear songs, he is not coming. Mauha says he seems angry. Mono says Bua was saying he wouldnt come to take you. Nimki says dont listen to them, Babbu will come to pick me up, let me listen to sad songs, they leave. Nimki acts

likes sad heroine, she says I am wasting time on Babbu, is Babbu sad too? he would be missing me and will come to take me tomorrow, tomorrow is valentine’s day, I should call him. She calls Babbu, he takes call and asks why you are calling? Nimki says happy valetine’s day, I got to know about your plan, you want to look fresh tomorrow and come to take me, bring red rose for me too, I will blush, Babbu says what.. Nimki says I love you and ends call. Babbu says this is girl is crazy.

Servant is cleaning Nimki’s room at palace, she checks her makeup and says its very nice.

In morning, Ram is tensed and asks if Nimki woke up? Muaha says no, are you worried for her? Ram says no no.. Mauha says dont hide from me. Ram says Babbu is from big family. Mauha says Babbu brought proposal for her, he loves her, everything will be fine. Nimki comes there and says everything is great, I was talking to Babbu last night, he will come to pick me up, today is valentine’s day. Ram gets happy and goes to work.Mauha says you were having romantic chat with him? Nimki says yes, he wanted to surprise me on valentine, thats why he is coming today, help me get ready now.

Scene 2
Babbu says she will irritate me again, he cuts her call. Nimki says he cut my call, who does that with their wives? she calls him again but Babbu switches off phone.

Mai says to Dublo that I know this marriage was not right but you keep taking her side, stop that. Rekha says Mai will take money from Tettar, you focus on new business, Dublo gets excited. Nimki calls on landline of house, Mai takes phone, Nimki says happy valentine. Babbu comes there and takes call. Mai says she cursed me saying its valentine. Diamond says its festive day, lovers celebrate day of love. Babbu takes call and asks Nimki why she wants to talk to Mai? Mai takes call, Nimki says I left my lipstick in my bag, Babbu is coming to take me, give it to him, I will celebrate valentine with him. Mai says you think I am your servant? you are asking me to bring your things/ Babbu takes call and asks Nimmki she is mad? Nimki says come to take me. Babbu says I am not coming, Nimki says today is valentine’s day, Babbu says I am not coming, Nimki says fine I will celebrate it with someone else, Babbu angrily ends call. Nimki says he cant bring one lipstick for me. Mauha comes there and says Ram left lunch here, he doesnt even eat from outside. Nimki says I will go and meet Abhi too.

Abhi signs on Nimki’s training letter for head and asks manager why he didnt send it? Nimki comes there and asks manager where is her father? She ignores Abhi and says he didnt come to meet me. Abhi says I am sorry, I was busy with work. Ram comes there and asks what she is doing here? Nimki says I brought your lunch. Ram pulls her aside and says you are now daughter in law Tettar, you shouldnt come here like this.Nimki says I am your daughter first, lets have lunch. She serves lunch to Abhi and Ram. Abhi asks why she is not eating? Nimki says I will eat with Babbu, it increases love, Abhi coughs. Abhi’s manager gives her letter for head training, Abhi says your training will start from tomorrow. Nimki reads letter and tears it, all are stunned.

PRECAP- Mai sees Nimki’s lipstick on couch, she asks who brought them here? Servant says its of Nimki. Mai says this is lipstick color she was asking for. Rekha says Babbu was sitting here. Mai says it means he was going take these lipstick to her? She shouts Babbu! all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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