Nimki Mukhiya 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ramla divorces Chandan

Nimki Mukhiya 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says better solve home matter in home. Babu says we gave Chandan our word. Nimki says this is matter of Ramla too not just Chandan. SHe says don’t worry people my father in law dont’ be unfair. He has set example by solving problems fairly. He doesn’t leave justice. Is he that disgusting that he would? Ritu says these people are conventional. They dont’ understand all this.
Tettar asks Ramla do you wanna be with Chandan? She says no. Tettar says chandan divorce her in front of everyone. Nimki says it is not about divorce. Come I will tell you.

Nimki says Chandan first tell what problem do you have with her? Why do you wanna leave her? She says you all saw how good Ramla is. She served him. SHe fasted for his long life. Nimki says what does

this mangal sutra mean Chandan? i want every man to answer here. Is this a relation’s symbol or belt of slavery. Ramla tries to smile in front of people every day. And he is having fun there with another woman. And now he is false accusing Ramla. Now Chadan tell truth in front of everyone. Or chachi you tell. Ramla says she has an affair for two years. He is leaving me for her. Nimki says wanna say something chacha? I am going right father in law right? Babu ji you must be so proud of me. Babbu has given me this much freedom. Nimki says chant for him. People say Mukhiya’s husband live long.

Nimki says Chandan you have only one way. I wont let you go so easily. You have send chachi 4000 Rupees per month. Tune says it should be 5. Nimki says 5 thousand per month all her life. Chandan looks at Tettar. Nimki says look here. Mukhiya is here. He is just viewer. And you wont divorce her. She will divorce and leave you.
A man who can’t value his life doesn’t deserve her. His wife should spit on his face. right? Nimi says Chachi you didn’t spit yet? Ramla spits on his face. Nimki says i did right Tettar? Tettar is angry. People clap for Nimki. Babbu says she has forgot her worth. Ritu says she will come home we will see her there. Nimki says now sign the paper. Ramla leaves crying. Babbu and Tettar leave. Nimki says to Chandan’s new woman you have chosen a wrong man. ismail says he is a characterless man. He used to flirt with everyone. Nimki says didn’t you tell her about Rukmani chachi. He also went inside another woman’s house. She says you are so disgusting Chandan.

Scene 2
Tune says Nimki you said so well. She says yes. He says when will you fight for yourself? She says I did this fight for myself too.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Amazing concept and different from other serials.

  2. Excellent serial with a different concept. The character portrayed by Nimki is a strong woman yet soft and humane and who unveils the evil of the people in a subtle political way.

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