Nimki Mukhiya 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki questions Abhi about love

Nimki Mukhiya 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to herself that I am going mad, what is happening.

Dumri and Mauha are working, Tunee sleeps. Nimki comes there. Dumri says she is drunk too. Nimki asks where is Abhi? Mauha says he left. Tunee says Abhi sang nicely.
Dublo comes to Babbu, Babbu asks if he wants money? Dublo says no I want to talk. Babbu says all are using me, father made me marry that Nimki and I have to play holi in village and Ritu is planning my life and you are taking their side, he asks him to leave, Dublo leaves. Mauha comes there and says have food, I made something special for you, Nimki wont serve you, you must be hungry. Babbu is drunk, Mauha takes him from there.

Aunt asks Abhi that you told her that you love her? what if Nimki remembers it. Abhi says I shouldnt have said it,

what will Nimki think about me. Aunt says she was thinking you are Babbu, Nimki wont remember anything. Nimki comes to Abhi’s house, all are stunned. Aunt says how are you? you cant apply color to me. Abhi looks away and says I am coming, Nimki says you said I love you to me? Abhi is tensed. Aunt says you must be mistaken. Nimki says no I have come to know the truth. Abhi says no. Nimki says you were talking to me in my house, manager says no he was busy dancing, he didnt talk to you. Nimki says you were not with me in room? why did I feel your presence? Aunt says you must have talked to someone else. Manager says we left soon. Aunt says Babbu must have said that. Nimki says no it cant be Babbu. Aunt says why he is your husband? Nimki says I think you all are right, it must be Babbu. I should leave, she says sorry to Abhi and leaves. Abhi says I am ashamed. Manager says you cant do anything now, he leaves. Abhi is tensed. Aunt says no you dont have to regret it.

Scene 2
Babbu eats food Mauha gave him, he is hungry and eats it fast. Mauha goes and brings water to wash his hands, she helps him wash hands. Babbu sleeps. Mono asks where is Nimki? Mai wants to leave. Muaha looks on.

Tettar’s family is leaving village, they are mostly drunk, Sweety makes Rekha sit in car. Mai slaps Dayya and says you are drunk too much. Ram comes there and says you should have some food before leaving. Mai asks Ritu to stop him. Ritu says to Ram that dont worry, Grandma is alone at palace so we have to leave. Ram says okay Nimki will go with you, where is she? Rekha says did she runaway? Ram says Mono have gone to find her. Rekha says Babbu is missing too. Ram says they must be together. Mai asks Dayya to find Babbu. Mauha comes there and says Babbu is in house, he ate and then slept in house. Mai is miffed.

Nimki comes home and says did Babbu say I love you to me? She comes in house and sees Babbu sleeping there, she smiles and says he is sleeping here, I talked to babbu only, he said I love you to me, I didnt see him before, she blushes. She sees kheer there and eats it, she says he left it for me. Nimki lies on top of him and says you are looking so good, you said I love you to me. Mai and Sweety comes there and sees her hugging sleeping Babbu. Nimki says I hear you when I am alone, I feel you all the time… you said that to me right? I love you. Mai is stunned to hear and see that.

PRECAP- Nimki calls Abhi and says I remember who told me ‘I love you’. Abhi gets tensed and says what? she says yes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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