Nimki Mukhiya 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update? Nimki and Babbu argues

Nimki Mukhiya 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode Description/Highlight: Nimki asks Babbu to bring her from her house but he doesnt agree, Nimki says she wont come home then. Mai is insecure of men liking Nimki in her house, she gets angry hearing Nimki wants Babbu to pick her up. Babbu says I wont go to bring her.

Scene 1
Nimki says to Tunee that I came from backdoor of palace because of bad omen, grandma believes in them a lot. Tunee says dont fool me, tel me if there is something wrong. Nimki says I dont lie to you, you cant doubt at me, I am happy there, trust me, lets go.

At night, Tettar says to Ritu that party head is happy with marriage. He sees dublo there and asks what are you doing these days? Dublo says looking for business, Tettar asks him to leave, Dublo leaves. Tettar says Mehtu helped me to fulfill this

dream. Ritu says no you have good luck, Tettar says once Babbu takes head’s position and then I will start my business. Ritu says Babbu have to take control of head position. Dublo says what if Nimki says no and doesnt give him power? Tettar asks him to leave. Tettar asks to call Ram and asks if he got head training papers from government for Nimki.

Nimki tells Mauha and Mono about ring finding ritual and how she made Babbu do it, Mauha says he did ritual with cut hand. Nimki says I let Babbu win, he is my husband afterall. Nimki asks her which saree she should wear?

Scene 2
Dayya talks to Babbu, Dayya says dont forget me when you take head power from Nimki. Nimki calls him. Babbu doesnt take it. Nimki says he has to pick his wife’s call. Dayya puts phone on speaker, Babbu asks what she needs? Nimki asks what color he is wearing? Babbu says why? Nimki says I want to match. Babbu says wear what you want. Nimki says you are coming to take me so I have to look beautiful. Babbu says what you think I am free? ask someone to bring you, I am not free. Nimki says I come first for you from now on, you are my husband, you have to come to take me, leave all work. Babbu says you are challenging me? Nimki says yes, your wife is beautiful so you have to be dutiful, when are you coming to take me? Babbu says I am not coming. Nimki says fine, I wont come to palace till you dont come to pick me, Babbu gets angry. Nimki says I am serious and I know you are dying to meet me too, I will sad songs for you when you dont come to take me, you have to bring your wife home, she ends call. Ram asks Nimki what happened? you were challenging your husband? Nimki says he is not coming to take me. Bua says you cant show tantrums like that. Mauha says its their love fight, let them solve it. Nimki says he is my husband so he has to come.

Rekha says to Mai that Dublo gets angry on me if I go against Nimki, he shouts like dogs. Mai says how dare you call him dog, all men of house are going gaga over Nimki. Rekha says we have to stop Dublo, he can tell truth to Ram, Mai you can give him money so he starts new business and stop thinking about her. Sweety says she is right, Dublo should work. Mai says he doesnt listen. Babbu comes there. Mai says only you keep Nimki in her limits, you will never accept her. Babbu nods. Dayya says but he is going to bring her. Mai says what? Dayya says yes he is going to bring sister in law. Mai says take her name. Dayya says Nimki called him and asked him to take her, Sweety says she can come herself. Dayya says she said that she wont comeback till he brings her, he laughs. Mai slaps him and says this is not joke. Babbu says I am not going, she can come herself. Sweety says she is stubborn. Mai says let her rot in her father’s house, Babbu you will not go to bring her. Babbu says this girl is weird, so much happened but still she didnt change. Rekha says what if Babbu starts liking her style.

PRECAP- Mai takes call, its Nimki on phone. Babbu takes phone and says I told you I am not coming to take you, Nimki says but its valentine today, Babbu says to hell with valentine, Nimki says if you dont come then I will celebrate valentine with someone else. Babbu gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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