Nimki Mukhiya 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Babbu abducts Ram and Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha says to Nimki that all are making fun of you.Dumri says to Ram that she cant do it. Nimki says I know you want to make my father against me, you want us all go out of house so you can romance with my father. Mauha says stop it Nimki. Nimki says I am right. Tunee says they might get married running away. Ram runs behind Tunee to beat him but mistakenly Dumri falls on Nahar, Nahar looks around, Nimki says she is flirting with him too, Dumri moves away. Nahar says I came to tell that Abhi is going to train Nimki for elections, we will follow his guide.

In morning, Nimki, Ram, Tunee and Nahar comes to Abhi’s house. Abhi asks them to sit down, Tunee says I am fine standing, Nimki says you are getting respect so take it, Tunee sits down. Nahar asks Abhi to make Nimki understand.

Ram says we have come here to make a plan to make Nimki heroine in people’s eyes, Nahar says we have to prove that Dumri is not as good as Nimki. Nahar asks Abhi to do what was our deal, Nimki asks what? Abhi says leave that, we can challenge Dumri for public debate challenge, people will know her reality, people fight in election in America like this. Tunee says Tettar wont allow Dumri to come out and what if Tettar comes out? Abhi says then challenge Tettar, even if Nimkii cant win against him, if Tettar comes to debate with her then Nimki will get on same standard as him, she will be equal. Nimki says this is good idea.

Nimki is taking out rally. Nimki gives speech to people that you people see Sunny Leone showering, I will put shower in village, those who were talking about water leak, come out and question me, I want to ask what people did who were head for 15 years? they didnt do anything for water leak, I am challenging Dumri to have debate with me publicly. All say Tettar cant do injustice anymore. Nimki says I think Babbu should come in field, all are shocked to hear it. Nimki gets tensed.

Scene 2
At night, Ram asks Nimki why she challenged Babbu? Tunee you couldnt stop her too? you are useless. Nahar says what was the need to take Babbu’s name. Nimki says Dumri is useless and Tettar is like my father’s age but if Babbu comes out then people will say that this is couple, all are stunned, she says my tongue slipped.

Ritu says to Tettar’s family that Nimki has crossed all limits, she challenged Babbu to have public debate with her, Babbu says she is crossing her limits. Ritu says she is doing it to show that she equal level with you so you cant go there. Tettar says water is above head now, we have to do something about her, how dare she challenge us? we have to teach her lesson, someone is supporting her. Mai says its Nahar Singh. Tettar says he doesnt have much mind. Babbu says then who can be behind her? he asks Ritu to abduct Nimki and her father tomorrow, all look on.

In morning, Ram asks Nimki to get ready for Abhi’s office. Tettar’s men come there and says come with us to Tettar’s house. Nimki says Tettar called me? such good pleasure, I will get ready. Goon says we are abducting you. Nimki says we will come there with respect. Goons drag Ram to car. Nimki says dont touch me, I will sit in car myself. Nimki sits in goons’ car, they leave to Tettar’s house.

Mai says why didnt they come till now? Goons bring Ram and Nimki to palace. They push them to Tettar. Mai says she is glaring at them. Nimki looks around, she is fascinated by swing, Mai says dont you dare touch it. Nimki says Nameste, Mai you are looking good, I love your saree, she asks grandma how is she? she asks Mai to take care of her mother in law and your daughter in law will care for you too, all look on.

PRECAP- Ritu asks Nimki how dare she stand against Tettar in elections? Ram says she is a kid, forgive her. Babbu says she is no kid. Nimki says to Babbu that leave all this, in these old people’s eyes.. Tettar glares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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