Nimki Mukhiya 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki tells Tettar about Richa

Nimki Mukhiya 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says to Tunee on call that I should take guy to panchayat and get him punished. Rekha hides there and thinks she is hiding something. Ram comes to Tunee and asks what he was talking to Nimki about? tell me the truth.

Kundan says to Chirag that I have booked your ticker, you leave from here. Richa’s father comes to their house. Chirag says who are you? Father says I am that hopeless girl’s father, he says I didnt come to fight, who will marry my daughter? Kundan says I cant get her married, I will give you money, make her educated and send her from there. Father says my Richa is not even eating anything. Kundan says send her away, dont talk about it. He says its about my daughter’s life. Kundan says your daughter have loose character, my son didnt do anything,

if you dont leave then we will spread this thing out. Chirag throws him out of house. Richa’s father is angry.

Rekha says to Nimki that tell family about what are you hiding? Mai asks what is it? Nimki tells them everything about Richa’s rape. Tettar asks who is she now?
Tunee tells everything to Ram, Mauha hears it too. Tunee says we took Richa home.

Mai says what that girl was alone in jungle? Nimki says she was going back from tuition. Mai says she should have taken a guy with her. Babbu says yes world is not good, girls shouldnt go out alone.

Ram says to Tunee that Richa should have taken someone with her. Mauha says whats her fault? I go for tuition daily too.

Nimki says to Babbu that girls cant go out but boys can roam around like dogs? Babbu says hold your tongue. Nimki says you have a sister too. Sweety says if I go out alone then you would ask me to not go out too? Dublo says girls should be able to roam around too.

Tunee says to Ram that Richa’s father Sooraj didnt let us take her to hospital.

Nimki says to family that we can complaint in police. Ritu says when her father doesnt want to do anything then what can we do? Nimki asks Tettar to talk to Soraj, he remains silent. Nimki says if you people dont do anything then I will do it, I will make that Chirag punished. Rekha says but then this thing will leak out.

Ram says to Tunee that let this thing go out so that guy should be punished, he says I will talk to Ram.

Tettar says we should do something, he asks Babbu to find that guy. Nimki thanks him. Tettar says its our duty.

Soraj says to his wife that everything is finished. Richa comes there and says the person who raped me, you want me to marry him? Soraj says no one will marry me. Mother says its good if Kundan’s son marries you. Soraj says they threw me out, they dont want this marriage, Kundan is a big politician, if people know about this then we will be destroyed, we should leave this village. Richa cries.

Ritu says to Tettar that we have to take this case, Nahar shouldnt take credit for this, we will do something for our benefit out of this, we have to go to girl’s house, give them peace and catch that boy, slap him some infront of people and then leave this matter when people praise her. Tettar turns and sees Nimki standing there. Nimki says I should go to police too. Ritu says no, we will go and talk to Soraj, Tettar says Chirag will be jail soon, dont worry, he leaves with Ritu.

Sweety and Rekha comes to Mai. Mai is reading newspaper. Sweety says you dont know how to read it, parents should make kids educate. Mai shows Richa’s photo in newspaper from function, she says this Richa is fashionable, she roams around alone so this would happen. Rekha says she wears jeans, Sweety says so whats wrong with that? women have freedom to live their lives but we women are enemies of ourselves, we dont respect each other and ourselves.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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