Nimki Mukhiya 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Tunee questions Nimki’s palace life

Nimki Mukhiya 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episde Description/highlight: Nimki brags about palace to her family. Tunee questions Nimki about how they keep her at palace and if she is happy, she tries to ignore him. Abhi ignore meeting Nimki too.

Scene 1
Nimki tells her family that palace have big dining table, they all eat together, they have such nice dishes. Dumri asks if Nimki ate with them too? Nimki gets sad and recalls how Mai didnt even let her in house. Nimki says no, I mean they dont feed me, I use my hands. Mauha says Nimki is their daughter in law, she would eat with them only. Dumri says Nimki is villagers, Nimki says you all are so interested in my life. Ram asks Nimki if she got scared when Babbu’s grandma fired gun on her first day? Nimki asks how they know? Mauha says Tunee and Ram went to palace, Nimki

gets tensed and says you came there? Ram says we couldnt see much, Diamond saw us so we ranaway. Ram hugs Nimki and says I am so happy to see you, Tettar promised me to keep you as princess, does he keep his promise? Nimki reluctantly nods. Nimki asks Ram to call Abhi and asks him to come with Elena.

Scene 2
Elena calls Ram and asks if Nimki came home? he says yes, Elena says I am ready to come here, she gives phone to Abhi. Ram says to Abhi that Nimki is asking for you, Abhi says I got some urgent work, we cant come, I am sorry, he ends call. Elena gets angry and says I wanted to meet Nimki. Aunt says Abhi I know you are sad about Nimki, did you forget her? Abhi says I have to forget her, find me a girl, Aunt asks will you marry again? he says no but it will pass your time, Aunt sadly leaves. Abhi is tensed.

Nimki says to Ram that Abhi cant meet me? he is collector, he can come here, I will meet him tomorrow. Tunee asks Mono to leave his video game. Ram asks Tunee why he is scolding Mono? Tunee says he has given him duplicate gamer. Mauha says they wont give cheap things like you. Tunee says I didnt give Nimki cheap things. Nimki says yes but there standard is different, they live in palace. Tunee says I know truth of palace, Babbu didnt come to meet us. Nimki says Babbu have work, he is not free like you. Ram says he is not like you, they leave. Nimki asks Tunee what happened? Tunee says I want to talk, lets go out, we can meet Abhi too, Nimki says good idea.

Rekha gives Mai her necklace, Mai says dont try to wear it again, you are greedy. Rekha says your husband gave it to me. Mai asks her to shut up. Sweety ask them to calm down. Mai checks her necklaces and says Babbu gave me this, he loves me a lot, Mai asks servant to make tea. Rekha says Nimki will be back today and Babbu wil go to bring her, Mai strangles her and says if you talk rubbish then I will kill you, he pushes her away.

Nimki and Tunee are in market. Nimki says grandma of Babbu is active. Tunee asks if she is happy there? why did they get you married to Babbu? I saw your face in palace and you came from back door too, I know all game of palace, I know this is not right marriage. One neighbor comes and says how are you Nimki? you are our head, there is well which is drying, can you make it fine? Nimki says yes, I will do that work. Nimki meets neighbors. Tunee says they dont care for you? this is fake marriage right? Nimki says what rubbish are you saying? you know how peaceful life I have there. Tunee says why you were so hungry then?

PRECAP- Nimki calls Babbu and asks when he is coming to get me? Babbu says why would I? Nimki says its ritual that husband have to pick wife from her place. Babbu says I am not coming, I am not free, get here by yourself. Nimki says fine then, I am not coming back till you come to take me, she ends call, Babbu gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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