Nimki Mukhiya 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki fights with new BDO

Nimki Mukhiya 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganesh says Nimki lost all the power. Now Tettar will run everything. Ismail says I am really worried for Nimki and her family. Tune comes. Ganes says where did the car go? Tune says for tuning. Ganesh says your BDO is gone. Tune says he will come back.
Nimki hugs Ram. She says I have more responsibility now. Tune says Ram’s car broke. Nimki says I will go in rickshaw? Mono says you would look more beautiful. Tune says you are so dressed? She says I dressed up when I am stressed. Tune says Nimki where are you going? Nimki says going to pat shala’s head. Ismail says we are always with you. Nimki says but some people keep changing their statements but we will solve that too. Chacha comes to Nimki and says they sealed panchayat bhawan.

Nimki comes there. The

guy tells they took everything from here as well. Here’s the notice. Nimki says to Tune lets go to the new BDO.
Mogarylal calls Abhi and tells him everything. He says please come back. Nimki really needs you. The new BDO shouts at him to come inside. He says don’t ever o out. Nimki comes there. she says a lot of work here new BDO? He says solving the old cases. Nimki says I did the same thing when I became mukhya. He says now. Tune says we are here to talk about panchayat. Nimki throws the lock on his table. Nimki says we broke the lock. Next time ask me how to make duplicates of the keys. He calls his man there and says go to police and report that they broke the lock. the man says but the lock is still here. He says what are you trying to do. Nimki says its okay humans make mistakes. It’s okay. We are here to shake hands. Tettar’s days are over now. All people support us now. And about the money that you eat above your salary. He says what.. She says I will throw the same bone. Just say yes. I have to work for the people.

He says I heard the old BDO did a lot for you. Tune says he supported people. He says supported people or Nimki? He says I am Shankar Jha. Nimki says I am Mukhiya. If you have tettar’s lock, I have people’s key. Babbu comes there. He looks at Nimki and Tune in anger. Babbu says she is always found here? Some work stopped? Diamond says she did nothing. Babbu says he is respecting you as my wife right? I can only insult you. Tune says stay in your limits. Babbu says you will die for her for no reason. Nimki says you are known by my name mukhiya pati. If I wasn’t Mukhya he wont call you mukiya pati. Babbu says BDO give me file of all the tenders. He says this is your work right? He burns the files.
Precap-Ganesh says Tettar has the power. Nimki slaps him and says I was Mukhiya and will always be.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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