Nimki Mukhiya 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti shifts to Nimki’s room

Nimki Mukhiya 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha says its easy to say. Nimki says women have to speak up for themselves. If chandan wants to send letter we will send him a letter too. Nimki says I will make papa eat. Nimki makes ram eat. Nimki and Tune come to Chachi. Nimki says whose photo are you watching. It is Ram’s. Nimki says papa is still very handsome.

Ritu gets a call from Sheela. He says very s*xy DP. Sweeti hears. She comes to other room and cries. Nimki and everyone make Ram walk. Nimki says get me green tea in morning. Nimki sees Chandan in the village she is dazed.
Chandan comes to Tettar and says Nimki has called court for me tomorrow. Tell me what to do. Babbu says but why? he says I want divorce my wife. They laugh. Ritu says why would you want to leave her. He says I found a new woman

in Calcutta. Nimki hears adn says they are so shameless. Chandan says I want to marry the other woman. I sent my wife divorce notice but Nimki called the court. She is doing all this. but please. i consider you the ruler. Please help me. Tettar says what you want from me? He says please solve all this. Babbu says court only happens here. we will talk to Nimki. Nimki says in heart yo can’t play any game with me. RItu says bring 25,000 as the cost. Chandan says but that’s a lot. Babbu says I want that amount. Chandan says okay I will bring it. Tettar says we will announce for you. Nimki says I will announce and front of everyone.

Annaro asks Sweeti where are you going? She says I am shifting to Nimki’s room. I can’t breathe in my room. Annaro says how can you breathe around nimki. Sweeti says she is human like us. Annaro says don’t go there. Sweeti says or you will shoot me? She says I wont be your mom anymore. Sweeti says I undersstood that when you didn’t ask why. You are just worried about keeping me away from Nimki.

Scene 2
Annaro says to Tettar you have no idea what is happening in this house. Sweeti shifted from her room. Tettar says he can’t control a wife. Annaro says is Sweeti having an affair with BDO? Tettar says I will cut her into pieces. Where is sweeti? Annaro says she is in Nimki’s room. Tettar says I will talk to her and Ritu.

Sweeti tries to sleep. Nimki says can’t sleep. She says bed changed. Nimki says ritu didn’t even come to see how you are. Sweeti says dont you feel the same when babbu doesn’t come. Se says I never shared the bed. Never cared. Sweeti says women care and share anyway. You are lucky. Nimki says you are right. We care and become slaves. We lose always. Look at Ramla, she was loyal to chandan even wehn he didn’t visit her for 2 years. And what did she get? Divorce? he is now running from defamation. Sweeti says adn Tettar will insult Ramla again. Nimki says no. I will decide what happens tomorrow.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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