Nimki Mukhiya 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki’s rally failure

Nimki Mukhiya 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki is in rally. Tunee chants for her and says to people that Nimki is coming to change your fates. Nimki comes near mic and says good afternoon. Mono asks her to speak in hindi. Nimki greet everyone and says I have sprain in foot but still standing for you. One man asks her to sit down and speech. Nimki sits down and says I have personality to become head, give me vote. Ram chants for her. Nahar calls Tunee and asks if rally is going good? Tunee says hear her speech. Nimki says I am beautiful girl and my sign is star, give me vote. One man asks what changes will she bring in village? Nimki says we should ask politicians about it. One man says does she even know water leak in village? Nimki says he is asking general knowledge questions, clap for him. One man asks if she will make

fly over of village? Nimki gets tensed and faints, man says she cant even answer one thing. Nimki winks at Tunee that she is acting. Tunee says she fainted, we are taking her back.
Ram brings Nimki home. She acts like still fainted. Nimki suddenly wakes up and says I am fine now. Nahar comes and says she is fine now? Dumri says she is drama queen. Nahar says she was acting? Tunee says if Nimki had given full speech then everything would have gone nice. Nahar says she couldnt give full speech, I spent so much money on rally and she didnt do anything? Nimki says it was hot there, giving speech is not easy. Nahar says what can we do now? Ram I wont play if this keeps going on.He comes out.Nahar says to Tunee that this girl is useless. His servant says why dont you talk to Abhi, she listens to him. Tunee says no she listens to me. Man says Nimki was not filing paper but Abhi made her file them easily. Tunee says dont bring him in all this.

Diamond comes to family and says Nimki was taking out rally but she fainted, Dayya sent me video. Mai says enough about Nimki Nimki.. Rekha says she is something, she took out a rally alone. Mai says she can play but she cant fly in air, she is nothing, Babbu looks on.

Tunee comes to Nimki and gives her chips, Nimki is sad and says you know that one person taunted me that I cant even give speech, all are making fun of me, everyone knows that I deliberately fainted. Tunee says I handles Nahar, Nimki says you take care of me so much, we have to do something, we have to change my image. Tunee huffs and thinks of something. Nimki says I am going to Abhi,you cant give any idea.

Nahar comes to Abhi’s office, Abhi asks manager to bring tea for him. Nahar says Nimki have taken part in elections but she failed in first rally, I want you to guide her, Abhi says I cant help any candidate without any reward. Nahar says dont worry about that, I will take care of it, I know Nimki listens to you a lot, just give her guide, good candidate is needed for village. Abhi says you are right a nice candidate is needed for village, Nahar says yes. Abhi says I will train Nimki, he asks his manager to talk to Nahar about our boxes, he says to Nahar that my manager will tell you about packages and payment, just take care of my staff.. Nahar looks at him in shock, manager takes him out of office and asks Abhi what is all this? you are supporting Nimki as it is, so its not needed. Abhi says when hunt is coming to you then you should hunt it without thinking about how will you cook it later, manager says understood.

Ram says to Dumri that all are saying Nimki will lose.Mauha says people are making fun of her. Mono says people are saying that Nimki cant do anything. Tunee says donjt say that. Dumri says dont give her false support, she says to Ram that Nimki cant do it, take her from election’s list. Nimki looks on.

PRECAP- Nimki is in rally and says to people that if someone thinks Jhumri knows better than me then come in field and challenge, I challenge Jhumri. Tunee says even Tettar can come to fight challenge. People chant that we wont bear Tettar’s injustice now. Nimki says Tettar is elder, I think Babbu should come in field, all look at her in shock, Nimki looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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