Nimki Mukhiya 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi smitten by Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar’s supporters are chanting for Jhumri, Tettar’s candidate in village. Ram and family comes out and sees it. Dumri says this Nimki cant do anything. Nimki says let me just start, they are not even talking about Jhumri but Tettar only. Dumri says what can you do? Nimki says I dont have to tell you.

Abhi is smiling making breakfast. Manager asks who is thinking about? you can tell me. Abhi says do you have 100rs note? Manager gives him, Abhi says I dont give lecture for free thats why I took it, dont think about others minds. Manager says I should note it. Abhi brings breakfast in lounge and is eating it. Manager says all are chanting for Nimki in village. Abhi says she is great, I was thinking that.. I mean she took against Tettar. Manager says you were thinking

about Nimki? Abhi says no. Manager says Nimki is crazy. Abhi says she is very nice from heart. Manager asks whats the matter? Abhi asks him to leave. Abhi gets lost in thoughts again.

Nimki says to family that nobody is doing campaign for me. Ram says Nahar have arranged for big campaign, he is spending money too. Nimki says I dont even have clothes, let me think, she asks which dress should I wear? Nimki says I will wear signature clothes. Nahar says let rally come first.

Babbu comes to Dayya and asks what happened? Dayya says these days are of women, one girl even slapped me, didnt you hear its voice? Babbu says she made you lose mind but dont try to take on her, dont take revenge as its time for elections. Dayya says so we dont have respect now? Babbu says she insulted me by slapping you and I will take revenge from her for sure.

Mono says to Mauha that Nimki has asked for new dress to go to rally,
Mauha says so what can I do? Ram says should we tickle you? she says dont irritate me, Ram says I want to drink tea. Mauha says tell your darling daughter to make tea for you. Nimki comes there and says my foot is sprained otherwise I would have made coffee for him too. Mauha says shut up, for you Ram can forget his wife but I cant forget my mother. Nimki says lets decide today. Mauha says you want to fight me? Nimki says you want to eat edd dish thats your favorite? I will make it for you, Mauha is surprised. Nimki wipes her tears and hugs her. Ram says now cook egg pakoda. Nimki says I will do all work in kitchen today.

Tunee and Nahar comes to tailor’s shop, Tunee is giving order for Nimki’s dress for rally, he asks tailor to not worry about money. Nahar says you think I have unlimited money? Tunee says you cant avoid her demands, Nahar says you cant fight elections like this. Nimki calls Tunee and says I have searched new design on internet, make tailor make that, I am sending you. Nahar faints hearing it.

Nimki is making food in kitchen. She keeps ordering Ram and Mono, She asks Ram to cut veggies, he does. She wears helmet and starts making food. Ram says why she is wearing helmet? Nimki says what if oil comes on my face? I will have scar and no one will marry me. Ram says I am so happy to know that my kids love each other. Nahar comes there and says get ready for rally. Tunee brings her dress. Nimki says to Mauha that I have cooked onion, now you can put eggs then other materials to cook it, she goes to try her dress.

Babbu says to Tettar that we should have rally for Dumri, what you say Ritu? Tettar says you asked him to remain silent. Babbu says I asked him to not say anything in Dublo’s matter but he doesnt suggest in this thing then he is useless here. Ritu gets angry and says am I here to get insulted? I am leaving. Babbu says I was just joking. Diamond comes there and says Nimki is taking out rally for her campaign, they are shocked. Tettar says she is taking out rally? who will come without splurging money? Diamond shows him poster. Tettar says how she is getting money? Babbu says there is someone powerful behind her. Ritu says I will find out but for this rally, she take bring it out but I will send my men there and when they will question her, she will get nervous and back out.

PRECAP- In rally, Nimki says to people that vote for me, what if our village is not beautiful? atleast you should have beautiful head for village. One man asks what she can do by becoming head? what changes can you bring? do you even know about water leak in village? Nimki says you people are asking such nice questions. A man asks her to answer them too, Nimki looks around embarrassed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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