Nimki Mukhiya 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimkii enters the house

Nimki Mukhiya 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki comes home. Elena says where to go? Tettar says come elena there is the door. Nimki says mother in law come and welcome us. Annaro is angry. Sweeti says we have to go. Elena says why are you acting like you are entering the house first time? Nimki says you are coming first time. Tettar says nimki come in. Diamond says come in. Nimki says great. She enters the house with Elena. Nimki recalls when they stopped herr from entering the house. She recalls annaro saying you can never enter this house. Nimki enters. Annaro is angry but sweeti stops her. Nimki goes towards her room. Ritu says to Nimki we have set your clothes in Babbu’s closet. Nimki goes to his room. Annaro is angry. Nimki says elena see my stuff and clothes. Elena says isn’t this your room? Why are you so excited?

Nimki says this is my room. Did you like it? Elena says its good but why are you not in any photos? Nimki says that one photo broke. She says diamond. Bring in my photo and place it here. Diamond leaves. Babbu comes in anger. Elena says hi babbu. Nimki says welcome. Why didn’t you come to hospital at night? I am very mad at you. And diamond bring the photo here. He leaves.

Diamond is angry. Ritu says you have to keep your calm. Annaro goes to her room in anger. Nimki says elena tell babbu talk to you;. I wont talk to him. Babbu leaves. Elena says he looks angry. Nimki says his face is like that. He is always like this. Babbu leaves. Nimki says to elena stay smiling like this always. We will always take care of you here. What will you eat? Elena says I am not hungry. I miss papa. She cries. Nimki hugs him. Nimki says lets talk about your papa here..

Tettar says its better after what happened yesterday. Annaro says you don’t care about what happens in your house. Annaro says is manliness left in you? He says mind your language. Babbu says to sweeti how can she live in my room? Sweeti says this is all for politics. Your father will become the MNA.
Annaro says I can’t tolerate all this. Tettar says you think I like all this? but we don’t have another way. Annaor says then throw her out. He says shut up.
Elena says who is shouting? Tettar. Nimki says he talks loudly. Listen this song. Tettar shoves her out of the room and says get out I don’t wanna hear all this. He says what else should I do. Babbu and sweeti run upstairs. Annaro says kick her out of this house. Either she will live here or I will. Tettar says if you wanna go then leave. He shoves her. Babbu calms Teetar down but he doesn’t listen. He shoves Annaro and throws her clothes on her. He says get out. Babbu says enough babu ji. Nimki locks the door.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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