Nimki Mukhiya 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nimki sad about her mother

Nimki Mukhiya 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu glares at Abhi. Tettar calls Babbu and asks him to comeback, he asks why? Babbu says Nimki have filed for election nomination, dont touch her, he ends call. Babbu says this Dayya is mental, we had to go somewhere else. Abhi says Nimki is candidate for elections and can go to police about this, Ram what should we do? Babbu asks Dayya to say sorry. Dayya says sorry to Ram. Ram says its okay. Babbu says all clear, Mauha says not like this. Nimki asks Dayya to leave an apply some cream. All chant for Nimki, Babbu glares at ehr and leaves.

Tettar points gun at Dublo and says why did he send Babbu to Ram? Ritu says we cant take actions in times of elections. Diamond says Ram didnt listen to Babbu, he should be killed. Tettar says this is happening because of this useless Dublo,

he points gun at dublo but Babbu comes there and takes off Tettar’s gun. Tettar says its good he is not becoming head because you dont know anything. Babbu says I handled everything. Ritu says let it be Tettar, he is a kid. Babbu says stop putting fires in fights. Ritu says I was just laughing at Dublo’s agency. Rekha says he is insulting Dublo like he is nothing but servant of house. Babbu says she is right, Ritu tries to make fights, I can start gun fight too. Ritu says Babbu is angry, he leaves. Dublo asks REkha to bring tea, all are stunned.

Abhi says to Nimki that you slapped him directly? Nimki says I am heroine. Mauha says you didnt do that for baba? Nimki says he was getting beaten, Abhi asks Ram to have bravery. Nahar comes there and asks what happened with Babbu? she slapped his man, all are praising her. Nahar says Abhi stood for her too so Babbu would know that he is with Nimki too. Nimki says I slapped him and you are giving him credit? Nahar says all are chanting for you.

Tettar says how dare that Nimki slap Dayya? we have to answer her otherwise we will lose respect. Ritu says no its time for elections, we have to remain calm, if you do something against her then she will become heroine, dont give her importance and we will take care of her later. Mai says what if she goes crazy? Ritu says Babbu even threatened me. Mai says to Tettar that dont insult Dublo like that, if he goes mad then he can destroy things.

Nimki asks Tunee why did he bring Nahar here? Tunee says he came himself. Abhi says I should leave. Mauha says we feel good when you come here and doesnt care about cast and race, she gives him food. Nimki shows him photos of her family. Abhi says why Ram’s wife is not seen in pictures? Mauha says I have her small photo.. Nimki says Elena is alone at home, he should leave. Abhi and Ram leaves. Nimki goes to her room, Mauha is sad.

Rekha says to Grandma that gas agency is foolish thing. Babbu comes there too and joke. Grandma says to Babbu that you threatened Sweety’s husband, she must be feeling sad. Babbu asks Sweety if she is miffed with him? she says no.Babbu says massage his head, she says okay and starts it. Babbu says if you really thought that I would shoot Ritu? Sweety says it wouldnt matter if you kill him. Babbu asks if she is not happy? if he is not keeping you happy then I will really shoot him.

Scene 2
In morning, Nimki wakes up. Mauha shouts where is mom’s photo? Nimki says what will you do with it? Mauha says I will put it on wall. Mauha says if you dont give it then I will cut your clothes. Nimki takes out her mother’s photo from cupboard and throws it away. Ram asks what is happening here? Mauha says I will put mom’s photos on wall. Ram says no one will say anything now. Mauha angrily leaves. Nimki wears her glasses and asks Mono to go out, I will come out and chant for me. Nimki is sad.

PRECAP- Nimki is making food but she is wearing her helmet. Ram asks why she is wearing helmet? Nimki says what if oil goes on my face and I get burnt? then I will not get married.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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