Nimki Mukhiya 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki comes back

Nimki Mukhiya 10th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki recalls when she entered that haveli. Nimki says to parbatya. I will miss you. You never gave me wrong food. she steps out.
Ram is worried for Nimki. Tune says she might have gone to the lake. Mauha recalls tune hugging nimki there. She says why would nimki go there? TUne says she goes there. Mauha says she never told me. Mauha says she texted me she is coming back home in a while.

Mauha says to Tune you sat with nimki near lake. He talks to her all the time. But he wont tell us. He doesn’t tell me anything. tune says what do you want to know? Mauha says go from here. I don’t want to see your face. Go to the lake. Tune says I wont go. Tune says what is your problem She says you and your lake. Go now. Ram says he wont go. Ram says you two love each other

right? Ramla says what? Ram says they love each other. Ramla says I always knew. Ram says I knew first. Mauha and tune smile.
Ganehs says tettar wont let her live there. Ismail says dont’ say that. a woman says babbu was very angry. Nimki stops there. A woman says did babbu kick you out of the house? They all ask her questions. Nimki turns back and says no one will come inside. She goes into Ram’s house. Ram gives Mauha’s hand in Tune’s hand. He says I accept this relationship. You two shouldn’t fight anymore. Nimki says someone help me pick this bag. Nimki says I have left haveli forever.

Scene 2
Abhi says to Sweeti I am worried for nimki. He says to nurse her blood pressure is dropping. Moray lal comes. He says Nimki left the haveli. She went to ghat tola. Abhi says she went to haveli? I asked her not to. Moray lal says she is in ghat tola. Abhi says stay here with sweeti. I am coming back. Sweeti says why are you so worried? Abhi says nimki went to haveli. But she came back. Sweeti says go to nimki. She needs you. I am fine. Abhi leaves.

Ramla says I knew they will ask you to leave. Nimki says I lfet that place myself. I shouldn have done that way before. I should have used my power. Mauha says then why didn’t you come back? Tune says because of Ram’s health condition. Ram is in tears. Ramla says you knew all this? Ram says I knew too. Ram says you can’t hide from me Nimki.
Precap-Ramla says tettar would be angry. Nimki says you are all with me. abhi comes ad says everyone knows the truth now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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