Nimki Mukhiya 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi steals Babbu’s pumpkin truck

Nimki Mukhiya 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram father
sister mauha
brother mono

son babbu
another son dublo wife rekha
daughter sweeti husband ritu

abhi daughter elena aunnt manager

Scene 1
Nimki says I am the elder in this house. So this responsibility is mine.
All the women are making clay pot and sing a song. Grandma and mai sit there.
Tettar says since childhood I have been seeing all this. Babbu says what about amaa? He says amma only gives orders. Dadi says make is properly. Mai says to to grandma let them be. Grandma says don’t teach me. Or if you know so much you fast. She says no you do. Tettar says to mai you should fast. Mai says no I wont.

Abhi is on his way with manager. He says talk in the police station. There shouldn’t

be any problem. Abhi sees some men taking something in a truck. Manager comes out. He says what are you doing? The farmers says that he isn’t paying us. The guy says this is for chaat pooja. Babbu will distribute it in whole village. Abhi says this is not right.
Someone takes the truck. Babbu’s man runs after it. Its Abhi. He takes the truck from there.

Grandma says I am not well. Mai says I will call the doctor. Dublo says you shouldn’t fast. Rekha says yes Mai will fast. mai says my BP will be low. Sweeti says ama souldn’t fast either. Dublo says who will then? Rekha gives mai water. Rekha says no one values me in this house. Sweeti says then you should fast. She says me..

Scene 2
Nimki is fasting. Tunee says to Ram is she fasting. Its a three days fast. Mauha says she said she will fast herself no one asked her. Tunee says why should I go? You both have planned this. You have stuck Nimki. Tunee says where is nimki? He comes to her and says you would fast? She says no papa was emotional. So I said. Bring me juice secretly. He says yes I will.

Babbu says someone took the truck? Who dared to do so.
Nimki distributes the food in everyone. Abhi has also called media.Everyone cheers for Nimki. Nimki asks how did you bring it? Its short here. He says babbu was taking them from farmers so I brought them here.
Ram comes out. Abhi asks how are you? Abhi says forget what she said. I am sorry on her behalf. Nimki says what did she say to my dad?
Media comes. Nimki and Abhi comes to give interview..

Scene 2
Babbu says once I get to know who he was I will kill him. Sweeti says amma is coming. ITs her birthday don’t ruin the mood.
Mai comes downstairs. Rekah saays this is so pretty cake. Babbu says amma cut the cake. She cuts the cake. A servant comes and says someone left this gift outside. Tettar opens it. There are some pumpkins in it. Babbbu gets angry. The letter reads, thanks because of you everyone will village will celebrate chaat. They will all cook it. Two are here for you. With love, Abhi.

Precap-Babbu shoots Abhi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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