Nimki Mukhiya 10th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki doesnt bow to Mai’s wishes

Nimki Mukhiya 10th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: Nimki doesnt eat plain roti as per Mai’s wishes and eats laddos from her home. Mono and Tunee comes to take Nimki home. Tunee feels odd with situation at palace.

Scene 1
Aunt says to Abhi that you are making pasta in Nimki’s memory. Ram calls Abhi and says Nimki is coming today home, can you come with Elena? Abhi says we are busy, Ram says no worries and ends call. Abhi says Ram wants me to feel more pain, he laughs. Elena says we can take pasta for Nimki. Abhi sadly hugs her.

Nimki is pacing in her room, she says I am so hungry, I cant eat roti without oil, why Mai is doing this with me? I am so hungry, I am waiting here but no one is coming to pacify me, I should do makeup, atleast I will look nice when I faint.
Sweety says to Mai and

Rekha that Nimki has too many demands, Mai says we have to keep her in limits otherwise she will dance over our heads. Grandma says she can call Tettar. Mai says we cant follow her orders, she can remain hungry. Rekha says she didnt eat from yesterday. Servant asks what to do about roti.Mai says she will eat that roti only. Servant says she is stubborn too, she said that if she dies then she will leave letter with your names that she died because of you people. Mai gets angry and says how dare she?

Nimki does her makeup and says now I looks better, she sees water jug empty too and says what will I do now? she says I will sleep then I wont feel hunger. She lies on bed and sleeps but cant, she wakes up and tries to get up but feels dizzy.
Grandma says to family what if she faints? Sweety says she didnt eat in wedding too, Rekha says we can be arrested for her death, Sweety says she must have fainted. Mai and other women goes to check in her room and sees Nimki eating laddos, they aare shocked. Nimki sheepishly looks at them and says I brought them from my house. Grandma says I thought so much and she is eating here. Servant comes and says her brother has come. Nimki gets excited and ask them to leave, she has to do makeup.

Scene 2
Mono and Tunee comes to palace. Diamond says are you family of Nimki? Tunee says you are her relative too, she is your sister in law. Tettar comes there and slaps Diamond. Mai asks why he beat him? Tettar says you have given this upbringing to kids? Ritu asks Tettar to calm down, Diamond is a little passionate. Ritu asks Tunee to sit down, he says Tunee is nimki’s best friend. Dayya says he was chanting for Nimki most in elections. Dublo comes there and stares at Tunee. Tunee says can we go in Nimki’s room to meet her? Rekha asks Mai to do something. Tunee says is there any problem? Mono wants to meet Nimki. Ritu asks Sweety to take them to Nimki’s room, Sweety says she is getting ready. Servant serves refreshments to them, Mono gets happy. Ritu ask them to eat, Tunee asks where is Babbu? Diamond says he went out for some work. Dublo says but I saw him in home. Tettar asks him to not dream and go inside. Ritu asks Mono to eat. Mai says you wont get it in village. Ritu says Mono you are wearing nice shoes. Mono says me and Diamond have same shoes. Tettar says class cannot be same, elephant and ant cant be same. Tunee looks for Nimki. Grandma says he wants to enter house, Mai asks to go and check if Nimki is ready, Diamond goes to check on her. Tunee says can we go in her room and make her call Ram? Diamond comes there and says she is coming. Tettar ask them to have photo near fountain. Tunee thinks I will see on Nimki’s face if she is happy or not. Nimki comes there from backdoor. Mono hugs her. Tunee asks why she came from backdoor?Nimki says its about bad omen. Mono says I want to see your room. Nimki gets tensed.

PRECAP- Nimki starts eating at Ram’s house and keeps eating. Guests say she is eating like she has not been eating for days. Tunee asks Nimki whats the matter? Ram is tensed. Mauha asks if palace people didnt give her food? Nimki looks away and says yes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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