A Night To Remember (Prologue)


“Ahhh.. More.. Deeper.. Deep.. Dee.. Deeper.. Oh yes! Yes! Exactly! Ohhh.. This is.. Oh.. So good! It’s.. Ahh.. It’s heaven!” A female voice screamed and moaned in extreme pleasure. She clutched the bedsheets tightly as it got more intense. Sweatbeads covered her forehead. A male grunting voice could be heard, mixed between those feminine moans. The room was in a complete mess. Clothes scattered everywhere. The moans and screams went louder as they got intenser. The clock struck 4, indicating the rising dawn. Soon, the voices died. The room, which was full of moans of pleasure was now replete of a calm air. The bodies, who were at intense work, dozed off, tired.

“Oh my god! It’s noon already! f**k man! Duh-uh!”
The woman hastily picked up her bra and the shirtdress she was wearing last night. She also handed over the black dress shirt to the male, lying next to her. Without making any eye-contact with him, she stepped out of the bed, wrapping the bedsheet around her.

“What are you doing?”
“Excuse me?” She asked, startled at the question.
“Why’re you taking that sheet with you?”
“I’m not.. Wearing anything!” She mumbled.
“Nor am I!”
“Huh? What do you have to hide?”
“Well, even you have nothing to hide. I mean.. There’s no.. Umm.. Secret between us.. Physically!”
“Huh?? You’re.. You’re pathetic!” She screamed, irritated. She threw a cushion at him and proceeded towards the bathroom, with the bedsheet.

“It was.. Uhm.. Nice meeting you.” He uttered as they checked out of the hotel room.
“Oh well.. Yeah! Same here.”
“Yeah.. You are?”
“Huh? Oh.. Alex. You?”
“Uhmm.. Nikki!”
“Oh well! Great! Uhmm.. See you again, then!”
“No. No no no! We’ll never meet again. Infact, we’ll forget everything. Whatever.. Last night.. Just forget everything! Okay?”
“Ah yes! This is good. We’ll never meet again. Yes.. Let’s forget what.. Happened.. Uhm.. Last night.”
“Yeah! So.. Goodbye Alex!”
“Ah! Goodbye Nikki!”

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