A Night To Remember (Chapter 6)

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“So Swara, do you like this place?”
“Yah! It’s.. Good! I like this place.”
“You’ve never been here, have you?”
“Nah! I’ve been to your Berlin residence. Even the Zurich one, but this is my first time to Derby!” Swara smiled.
“Ah yes! Berlin days were the best ones! By the way, where’s Mishti these days?”
“Mom! Well, mom’s in Strasbourg currently. Then she’ll be off to India, Kolkata you see?”
“Won’t you be accompanying her to India?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Hm. You’ve never been there, right?”
“Never!” Swara chuckled.
“Don’t you wish to go there someday?”
“I’d love to! But then, mom!” Annapurna laughed as Swara stressed on the word- mom.
“Ah! I know! She doesn’t want you to go there alone! Oh dear! I miss her so much!”
“She too misses you a lot Ann!”
“Hm. Anyway, how’s Ragini?”
“She’s absolutely fine, I suppose!”
“Not that way! I mean.. See, I know you since your birth! But I’ve met Ragini twice or thrice. I really don’t know anything about her.”
“But Ann..”
“Swara, I know you very well! I’ve seen you very closely. But I do not know Ragini! I agreed for the alliance only because of Mr. Gadodia and Durga’s friendship. You’re her cousin. You know her well..”
“Ann, listen to me. Ragini is.. She’s a perfect girl! How to describe her! She’s here for a few days. You’ll get to know her well then!”
“Swara, I want Sanskar and Ragini to know each other well. As much as I’ve figured her out, she’s shy. She doesn’t know my son at all! Neither does he know about her even a bit! Both are complete strangers. Swara, will you help me in helping them know each other well?”
“Yes. I want both of them to be comfortable with each other before marriage. And I know only you can help me in this.”
“Oh god! On one hand, I don’t want my sister to get married to that jerk and here Ann want me to bring them close! Duhh!” Swara thought.
“What happened, Swara?”
“Huh? No.. Nothing. I.. I’ll see what.. I can do!” Swara smiled.
“Thank you so much dear!” Annapurna kissed Swara’s forehead and went inside, leaving Swara in complete confusion about what to do and vice versa.

“Swaraa! You’re busy?”
“Ragini? No! Never for you!”
“Swa.. Swara.. I.. I..”
“What happened, Ragini?”
“Nothing. This place is so good, right?”
“Yeah! Amazing!”
“Ragini, what’s the matter?”
“I.. I met..”
“Ms. Bose, Mrs. Maheshwari is expecting you at the patio.”
“Oh, thanks Susy! I’ll be down in a few minutes.”
“Okay, ma’am.” As Susy left the room, Swara turned towards a hesitant Ragini.
“Ragsy, you were saying something?”
“Uhm.. No. Not that important. I think you should go. It won’t be appropriate to make Mrs. Maheshwari wait. Hm?”
“Okay, I’ll just come soon!”

Ragini too left towards her room as soon as Swara left. She admired the paintings that decorated the walls. Her eyes were full of awe and admiration at the grandeur of the villa. She stopped in her steps as she heard a thud. It was night already and the house was awfully silent. Nobody could be seen. Ofcourse, Swara and Mrs. Maheshwari’s presence was confirmed, but she had no idea where others were. She resumed her walk towards her room. They’d had their dinner. None of the males joined them. Mr. Maheshwari had been out for an urgent meeting while the brothers’ wherabouts was unknown. She stopped in front of a painting. It was of a child. Innocent. Milky white. But what caught her sight was the pair of cobalt eyes. She felt lost in them.

“Checking me out, hm?”
“Huh?” Ragini turned around to find the same cobalt orbs, these full of life, staring at her. Oh how appealing those were!
“I know I’ve always been smoking hot! But then, you should be checking me out instead of my painting. Because that’ll make some sense atleast!”
Ragini didn’t hear a single word he spoke. She was lost. She was possessed. Those eyes had captured her mind and soul. Intense, they were.
“I must appreciate your guts, Ms. Gadodia, for you’re so daringly checking me out, right before me!” The breath at her naked nape snapped her back into reality. He was close. Extremely close. She could hear her heartbeats. His lips were almost touching her nape while he spoke. She shut her eyes tightly. A tingling sensation spread all over her body. Goosebumps. Not again. He can’t be so affecting. He can’t be so..
“Ms. Gadodia, you’re beautiful.” His husky voice made Ragini’s breath even faster. Her heart thumped so loudly that she felt it would just come out like that. She inhaled his fragrance, again losing her sanity. Her knees felt weak. Head dizzy. Feeling the fragrance fade away, she slowly opened her eyes to find him gone. Sigh. Her breath was slowly coming back to normal and so were her heartbeats.
“God! What does he do to me? His mere presence intoxicates me! He paralyses me! For heaven’s sake! What’s happening to me!” Ragini mumbled as she ran towards her room.

Swara was completely lost after her conversation with Annapurna, yet again. She knew her, loved her and respected her a lot. Annapurna was a second mother to her in her childhood. Only for 2 years, but even then, those 2 years of her childhood were the best. She was 13 when she’d first met Annapurna. Her kids were off to boarding. She had never known either of her kids. Berlin. She loved that place. It reminded her of her childhood days. But now, even though she was back with her ‘Ann’, nothing was same. Earlier, she never hesitated in speaking her heart and mind out to Ann, but now, she wasn’t able to tell her abut her son. Oh how badly she wanted to tell her what a jerk her son was! But.
Now, Ann wants Ragini and Sanskar to get close, while she wants to separate them. Wow! Either of the hearts are supposed to break. And that was what she had never wanted. But. Sigh.

Swara inhaled sharply as she entered the room. She shut the door, bolted it and went to the shower. The drops of water that fell on her body were such a relief. Today indeed was a tiring day. Done with the shower, she realised she had forgotten to bring her clothes along with her. Wrapping herself in towel, she stepped out of the bathroom.
“What the f**k are you doing here?!” Swara screamed.
“God! I should be asking you the same!” Replied a voice, startled exactly like she was.
“It’s my room and what does it matter to you what I do or not?!”
“Your room? Really? Please do have a look around.”
“Why should.. Good God! This.. This is not..”
“Your room!”
“I.. I took a left, no.. I mean.. God.. How did I come here.. No.. I.. I can’t..”
“Hm. Someone’s lost!”
“I.. I’m sorry. I didn’t notice when I..”
“You are? I don’t think so!” He interrupted Swara as he moved close to her. He looked at Swara’s wet bare shoulders. He looked in her black eyes. Swara could feel her breath becoming faster. But she tried to appear calm and confident. She didn’t want him to know the turmoil within her. Soon she felt his lips on her wet shoulders. Shivers. Knees weak. Breath uncontrollable. Eyes shut. She didn’t even realise when she put her hands on his well-toned bare chest. He grabbed her waist tightly. Now his lips were on her lips, passionately yet softly relishing them. She grabbed his hair tightly. He held her wet thighs, not breaking the kiss, while her hands roamed all over his chest and hair. A few minutes later, when both were out of their breath, they parted. Swara’s towel had loosened up a bit, her br*asts now slightly exposed. As Swara opened her eyes slowly, the reality struck her. She was making out with him? Again? No way! That jerk! He kissed her. And she responded! This couldn’t have been much worse! Damn! Shit! f**k! She cursed herself. She immediately ran towards the bathroom and changed back into the clothes she was wearing earlier and came out. There he was, lying shamelessly on the bed. Staring at her lustily. Or, that’s what she felt his stare like.

“You’re still delicious!” He remarked. Swara simply glared at him.
“God! I so wanted to take you to bed. Right now. Still want to!”
“f**k off!” Swara snapped at him and rushed out of his room.

Ragini clutched at her pillow tightly as she recalled what happened an hour ago. God. He was so close! She’d felt that his lips would surely touch her nape and then she would lose her consciousness. He’s so freaking handsome! His eyes. She closed her eyes while recalling the whole thing.
Ms. Gadodia, you’re beautiful.
He found me beautiful. He. The Greek god himself. Ragini got up and stood in front of the mirror.
“I’m beautiful? Really?” A blush crept up to her cheeks as she thought so. She smiled at herself.. She had never felt like this. She had never felt- Beautiful.

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