A Night To Remember (Chapter 5)


“What the hell is he doing here???!!” Swara exclaimed in frustration, which had been building up since she met the Maheshwari brothers. She recalled her first meeting with him. Agitated. That’s what she felt while recalling that unfortunate day. Grrr! Nothing would have been worse than this. Meeting him. Infact, staying with him under the same roof. Swara closed her eyes and sighed. No. Even this isn’t working. The isn’t calm yet. It won’t be ever until..

*Knock knock*
Swara heard a knock at her room’s door. Duh! She hadn’t yet even checked out the room allotted to her. She was so engrossed in her frustrating thoughts. She heard another knock and that’s when she finally got up and went to open the door. But..

“Y.. You?”
“Uhm.. Yes. Actu.. Actually I.. I.. Okay! I want to have a word with you.”
“Huh? Yes. I.. I mean. Yeah, come in.”
“Thanks. Hope you.. I mean.. Liked the room?”
“Yeah.. I was just.. Uhm.. Checking it out.”
There was a complete silence in the room thereafter. Hesitation. Awkwardness. Curiosities. Doubts. The room was filled with these.

“What are you doing here?” Both asked at the same time.
Silence, yet again.
“It’s my house! So, it’s very likely of me being here! Isn’t it?”
“Yeah.. Ofcourse! I didn’t mean that way!” Swara replied.
“Hm. Why did you lie that day?”
“Excuse me?” Swara asked, startled.
“Your name is not Nikki!”
“Oh yes! Look who’s talking! Mr. Alex Whatever!” She snapped back.
Awkward silence, yet again.
“Listen.. What’s your name? I’m asking the real one!”
“Brute! Why don’t you find it out yourself?” Swara shouted at him, offended.
“Listen, I just.. I mean.. No.. I didn’t mean it. I was just asking your name. That’s it!”
“Oh I know very well what you mean and what you don’t! Listen! It was you who lied about your name first. Not me! So don’t you dare taunt me again about it!”
“Wohoo! All the blame’s on me, ha? You approached me that night! So it’s you who should be blamed for everything!”
“Hold on dude! Are you high? I was drunk! Nevermind! Just listen to me! I won’t let my sister marry a jerk like you!”
“Really? What are you going to tell her? That we f**ked that night? Go on! And yes miss, I won’t let you marry my brother and that’s a promise!”
“I should have known how shameless you are! I was drunk for god’s sake! I.. I wasn’t in my senses!”
“Same here! I too wasn’t sane! I was drunk myself. But, don’t you dare say now that I forced you! No! You were enjoying the most! Pleading me to go deeper and faster and what not!”
“GET OUT!” Swara shouted. “Not a word! Just. Get. Out.”
“Hm. You won’t be marrying my brother!”
“Neither will you be marrying my sister! Now get out!”

Swara slammed the door and rushed towards the bed. As she buried her face in the pillow, reminisces from that night started haunting her.

“Stop.. Stop teasing me! Oh my! Please!”
Not able to get a grip on the satin sheets, Swara dug her fingernails into his back, withdrawing a low guttural moan from his lips above hers.
“Open your eyes,” he panted, whilst pinning her two wrists together above her head with his skilful large hands. Her eyelids flew open to meet his cobalt-orbs, staring wildly into hers, a sheer line of dew on his forehead, his hair matted with sweat.
Making sure he had her full attention, he spread her legs apart further with his knee and entered into her in one swift, slick movement, absolutely consuming her with that one thrust that made her cry out in slight pain, yet inexplicable pleasure.

“NO!” Swara screamed as she came back into the reality. Breathing heavily, she was fully drenched in sweat. She looked around. No. It was all a dream maybe. Ofcourse not a dream. Her nightmare. That night was indeed a nightmare to Swara. It wasn’t earlier, though. But after meeting him yet again, it was worse than a nightmare. Her breath became normal. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself. He was extremely good at bed. Undoubtedly. Just a look of him had made her crave for another night. And oh, when he was here before her, a few hours before, how she badly wanted to drag him to the bed. Wait. What was she thinking? Drag him to bed? Hell no! Sure he’s hot, good at bed, but he’s a jerk. Jerk. Hell yes! He’s nothing but a jerk! And he does not deserve Ragini. Never! Gotta stop this marriage anyhow. Yes. This marriage should not happen.


Lovelies! How have you all been? I’m sorry for being so irregular. But I hope you guys understand!
So, how was this chapter? Good? Not good? Well, if latter’s the case, I’m so sorry! I just wanted to give a sneak peak into Swara and that Alex-Nikki fiasco! Well, this chapter could be boring, I honestly don’t know. Just went with the flow. Anyway, now I can kickstart my story on a better pace. Introduction of the required characters are done. But as the story proceeds, the character will be defined better. So, keep reading, KEEP COMMENTING! Thank you all for the lovely comments darlings! They mean a lot! Also, they drive a lazy ass like me to write better and sooner! Love you all! ?

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