A Night To Remember (Chapter 3)

“Sanskar, Laksh!”
“Dad, Mom!” The brothers cried in joy.
“What took you so much time?”
“Nothing much Dad. The car broke down when we started.”
“Why didn’t you call me?”
“Dad! Everything’s cool now! We’re here too!”
“Okay, if you say so! Yes, Shekhar, this is my elder son Sanskar and my younger one, Laksh.”
“Good evening Mr. Gadodia.”
“Oh, how handsome you both are! Great! Yeah, good evening kids! We were waiting for you eagerly! And yes, do not address me as Mr. Gadodia. Call me uncle or father, whatever suits you!”
“Thank you so much. I suppose, uncle will do good. As of now. I mean, don’t take me otherwise, it’s like..” Laksh hesitated.
“I understand son! It’s okay.” Shekhar smiled.
“Young gentlemen, have a seat. Don’t be so formal!” Janki requested.
“Ah, thank you.”
“Sanskar, Laksh. Meet my angels. Swa.. Janki, where are these sisters?”
“Huh? They were here only a while ago!”
“It’s okay, Janki. They might be tired. Would have gone to freshen up, maybe?” Annapurna spoke.
“I guess so.”

Everybody was so engrossed with the Maheshwari brothers’ arrival, that they didn’t notice when Swara and Ragini sneaked out of the hall.

“Swaraaa! Help me out with this stupid zip! I can’t reach it.”
Ragini pleaded Swara for the fourth time to help her with the dress zip, while Swara seemed lost in her own world of thoughts.
“Swaraaaa! Where are you lost?” This time she actually screamed.
“Huh? You’re talking to me?” Replied a baffled Swara.
“Who else is present in this room? Idiot! Help me out!”
“Oh, wait!” Swara helped Ragini with her dress, still lost.
“Swara? Are you okay? You seem so lost? What happened?”
“No.. Nothing. I’m fine! Perfectly fine! Ragini, you look amazing!”
“Th.. Thanks Swara.” Ragini blushed while Swara smiled.
“I’m.. I’m very nervous. I mean.. I don’t know him. Though I met him a while ago.. But..”
“Everything will be fine. Don’t worry dear.” Swara replied absent-mindedly.
“Hm. What? Oh my god Swara!”
“What happened?” Swara asked, surprised at Ragini’s shocked face.
“Look at yourself! You aren’t ready yet!”
“Don’t panic you idiot! I’ll get ready in a while.” Swara picked up her turquoise-color gown and went to get dressed up.
“Ragini, Swara. What are you both doing? Ragini, you look so pretty!”
“Thank you mum!”
“Where’s Swara?”
“Bathroom. She’ll get ready fast anyway.”

Shekhar was seen talking with the brothers, sharing his and Durga’s college days with them when Janki came with Swaragini, each by her side. Ragini was wearing a magenta-colored gown, hair tied up in a side bun. Swara was wearing a turquoise-colored gown with hair all-straightened and let loose. Both the sisters looked amazingly stunning.

“Oh my god! These angels are looking so beautiful!” Annapurna exclaimed and everybody turned their heads towards the descending ladies.
“Nikki!” A male voice murmured.

“Sanskar, Laksh. These are my daughters- Ragini and Swara.”
The male voice that was astonished a moment ago, now tried to calm down, so that nobody could figure out the turmoil building up within him. Soon, he was as calm and sober as everybody present there.
“Hello.” The brothers greeted Swaragini.
“Hi.” The sisters responded.
“Sir, dinner’s ready.”
“Thank you James. Start serving. Hm?”
“Okay, sir.”
“Come on guys! Dinnertime!” Shekhar announced.
“Yeah! I’m starving! Let’s go!” Durga Prasad exclaimed, to which everyone laughed. Except two people, who though presented themselves as smiling, but were confused and agitated within.

“Wow Shekhar! Amazing dinner!”
“Thanks Durga. But the credit goes to Janki! She supervised it all.”
“Really. It’s amazing!”
“Thank you.” Janki replied.
“Shekhar, I wanted to suggest something.”
“Hm?” Shekhar asked while munching on his favorite Lancashire hotpot.
“Why don’t you all join us at Derbyshire? It will be fun. We’ll reminisce our old days while these young hot couples will get to know each other. Whatsay?”
“Sounds great, but me and my worthy Mrs. have got to go to Kent. Some prior commitments, you know?”
“I’m sorry Durga. But yes, my angels will accompany you.”
“Okay. But do try to join us later.”
“Sure Durga. I’ll try my best.”
“Okay, so it’s final! Swara and Ragini will come with us to Matlock!”
“Perfect!” Shekhar exclaimed while others smiled.

While everybody seemed excited with this sudden plan, two people seemed uncomfortable with the whole thing. Both had one question, “What is he/she doing here?”


My loveliest readers! Thank you so much for your comments! I’m sorry for this boring chapter, but this was necessary. Hope you guys understand. Well, next chapter focusses more on Ragini. And, romance would soon be in the air! Slowly, but it sure will be there! I hope I keep on entertaining you guys with this story that just came into my mind just like that. Keep supporting. Keep reading. KEEP COMMENTING!
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