A Night To Remember (Chapter 2)


Thank you so much for your suport guys! It really means a lot. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your comments in the last episode, but I read them all. Some people asked me that why Ragini appears so dull. Ragini is not dull. It’s just that she’s about to marry someone she hadn’t ever met. Infact, she hasn’t even seen his picture. She trusts her parents but then, she’s got some insecurities as well. Also, she’s never experienced love or any romantic relationship. She was brought up in an all-girls boarding school as well as college. Hence, no guy friends as well. So, getting even linked up with a guy is a very new thing for her.
Anyway, I’m glad to see that you guys are paying attention to minute details of this story. Please keep reading and commenting. PLEASE DO COMMENT. It encourages me to write more and frequently. I hope to entertain you guys with this story as much as possible. Love you all. 🙂


“Shekhar! When will they arrive?”
“In about half an hour or so?”
“And they’ll stay with us, right?”
“Can’t say. They have their own house at Wembley.”
“Oh yes. I’ve heard about it!”
“Hmm. Where are my little princesses?”
“At their rooms, perhaps? Oh wait, no! They might be at Jane’s. She called up for them an hour ago.”
“Okay. Let’s..”

“Sir, a Mr. Maheshwari and a Mrs. Maheshwari at the door.”
“They’re here already! And these girls..”
“Forget it Janki. Let’s first welcome them. Robert, let them in.”
“Okay, sir.”

“Hello Mr. Maheshwari. Hope you’re in good health?”
“Indeed, Mr. Gadodia! And please don’t be so formal. We aren’t your guests, but family now.”
“Ofcourse Durga!”
“Aha! My friend’s back! Shekhar!” Both embraced each other happily.
“Where are you staying Mr. Maheshwari?”
“At Wembley. We have our own estate there.”
“Sounds great. Err, and the boys?”
“Ah! They’ll be coming soon. Just about to arrive, maybe?”
“Oh, okay.”
The Maheshwaris and Gadodias have been close allies since Shekhar Gadodia and Durga Prasad Maheshwari were college friends. They remained in touch ever since, and when Sanskar, the elder one was young, they fixed his alliance with Shekhar’s only daughter Ragini. On the other hand, Annapurna, Sanskar’s mother, was a close friend of Sharmishtha Bose, Swara’s mother. Sharmishtha was Janki’s cousin. Both Mrs. Bose and Mrs. Maheshwari had agreed on the alliance of Swara and Laksh, Sanskar’s younger brother.
The Maheshwaris were settled in Derbyshire, though their business was spread worldwide. Lately, the brothers had been staying at US, completing their management courses.
The sisters were at London. Swara was completing her further studies from the renowned London School of Economics. Now that her studies were done, she and her cousin Ragini were now set to marry the Maheshwari brothers, who too had by now completed their studies.

The Maheshwaris and Gadodias talked about the old times, waiting for their respective kids to arrive soon. While the misters reminisced their old college days, the ladies tried to know more about each other.

“Swara, we’re late! Oh god! What kind of an impression are we going to leave on them? Urrgghh! I shouldn’t have listened to you!” Ragini worried while Swara driver back home, calmly.
“Swara speak up something! I’m getting nervous! I’ll meet him for the first time and see how horrible I’m looking! Duhh!”
“Chill baby! We’ll reach soon. We shall enter from the back door. Okay?”
“No no! I’m not okay. Swara, drive a bit fast! It’s already dark!”
“As you say baby! Here we go!”

“Ragsy! You go ahead. I’m just.. Coming. I think there’s something at the backyard. I’ll just check and come. Hm?”
Ragini walked towards the door when she felt someone struggling amongst the bushes. Since it was dark, all she could see was a dark figure. She walked slowly towards it and hit the figure with the corner of her hardcover edition of ‘Safe Haven’. The figure squealed when struck, and now Ragini could see a pair of eyes glaring at her. She should have felt scared, those fiery eyes could make anyone squirm. But Ragini felt lost. Lost in those pair of cobalt orbs.
“f**k’s wrong with you girl?” The figure had a voice too. A manly voice, Ragini thought.
“I’m talking to you girl! Hey ho!”
“Hunh? Oh. I’m sorry?”
“You should be! That hurt!”
“Excuse me, but who are you? And what are you doing at my place, huh?” Ragini demanded.
“It’s your place? Ms. Gadodia?”
“You know my name?” Ragini asked, eyes wide-opened.
“Mr. Maheshwari.” The dark figure, which had a pair of cobalt eyes and a voice, manly voice, also consisted of hands, as he forwarded his right one for a shake.
“M.. M.. Mr. Maheshwari? I’m so sorry! I mistook you for an intruder!”
“Ah well. It’s fine!”
“Forgive me, but what are you doing here?”
“Nothing. Just this..” He gestured towards his overcoat, which was stuck in those bushes.
“Oh! Like that! Wait, I’ll help you out. Hm?”

Swara walked towards the backyard where she felt she haad seen someone. Not the face though.
“Who’s there?”
No response.
“I said who the f**king moron is there?”
No response again.
Swara entered the backyard only to find it empty. She looked all around. Nobody.
“Maybe I was hallucinating.” She thought. While she was about to leave, she saw some footprints. Seemed big and manly. Also, the design of those was something she had never seen. None in her knowledge had such shoes or boots with those patterns.
“I’m sure someone was here. I wasn’t hallucinating after all!”
She turned to go back when her phone vibrated. *Ragini* the screen flashed. She turned back and proceeded towards the house.

“Mrs. Gadodia, your house is amazing!”
“Thank you Mrs. Maheshwari. But please, call me Janki.”
“Oh sorry. You too call me Annapurna instead of Mrs. Maheshwari.”
“Yes, sure.”
“Oh, Ragini and Swara have arrived.”
“Good evening Mrs. and Mr. Maheshwari.” Swaragini greeted them.
“Oh! Good evening. How are you both?”
“We’re good.” Ragini replied.
“Annapurna, where are these brothers?”
“Don’t know. I’ll call them.”
“Sir, a Mr. Maheshwari and another Mr. Maheshwari at the door.”
“So, they’ve arrived too! Let them in Robert. Let them in.”
“Sure, sir.”

“Sanskar, Laksh! Finally you are here!”
“Dad! Mom!” The brothers cried in joy.

While everyone seemed happy at their arrival, a faint female voice murmured, “Alex!”

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