A Night To Remember (Chapter 1)

A girl is shown reading a book in a library. Dressed in an overcoat, she stared at the window, watching the snowfall. Her eyes seemed to search something in those snowflakes. Her sight was then captured by a couple, walking hand-in-hand. The couple seemed so-in-love. They seemed so happy, so contented. The girl in the library sighed. Shifting her gaze from the couple, to the book she held, she resumed her reading.
“Why didn’t my father get to give Mom the fairy tale? Why do most people fail to give each other the fairy tale?”

She smiled a little as she read these lines. Her gaze again shifted to the couple outside. She closed her eyes and sighed again. Her tranquility was, however, broken by her phone’s vibration. The name flashing on the screen enlightened her face.
“Swaraa!” She whispered.
“Raginiiii! How are you?”
“I’m great! You tell. How’s your trip going on?” She whispered again.
“It’s.. Umm.. Great! It’s great, ofcourse! But, why are you whispering?”
“Actually, I’m at the lib.”
“What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing. Just like that..”
“I know you better than you know yourself rags! I know, you head towards that wretched place only when you’re upset! Tell me now!”
“Umm.. Nothing Swara! I’m absolutely fine! By the way, when will you be back?”
“My dear! I’m at your room.”

“What? How? When? I mean.. What?”
“Ragsy, leave that poor thing that you’ve been reading, and come fast!”
“Oh yes baby! I’m just coming!”

Ragini was smiling widely as she disconnected the call. Her cousin was back. What else she needed? She stood up excitedly and kept back her new little friend back in the shelf. She smiled at the book, the title of which was clearly relatable to her situation- ‘The Good Luck of Right Now’. Indeed. Now that Swara was back, her good times were back. Still smiling, she proceeded towards her car and drove straight towards her home.

“Swaraaa! Swaraaaaa?”
“Ragsy! Oh my god! You’re back so soon, eh?”
“What kind of question is this?”
“Nothing. Where are others?”
“Mom and Dad are down to Dorchester. Perhaps, they’re there!”
“Don’t tell me! God! I know marriage is like.. Really near! But? It’s still two months rags!”
“Swara!” Ragini eyed her warningly.

“You should have accompanied me ragsy! The trip was so good! Anyway, you’re bachelorette for just two more months! You have a full right to enjoy these few days completely! Okay, did you meet him?”
“No, he was out of town. Some work, I suppose.”
“Yeah yeah!” Swara rolled her eyes.
“Swara, did you meet yours? I mean, your fiancé?”
“Uhmm.. Noo. Not really. But I’ve had a couple of video chats with Laksh!”
“Oh. Okay. Did you like him?”
“Do I have an option?”

“He’s good, still. Good looking as well. How’s your fiancé? I mean.. What’s his name?”
“Yeah! How does he look?”
“Mom said, he’s got a good face. A great personality as well.”
“My dear ragsy! You haven’t yet seen his picture?” Swara asked, baffled.
“Uhmm.. No.”
“Are you kidding me? I mean.. Why?”
“Swara, I.. I wanted to meet him directly. I want to know him. I don’t want to create any impression of him just by seeing his picture! I just..”

“Okay! I lose! You and your philosophical thoughts! Spare me dude!”
“Okay. So, tell me more about your trip? What you did? Where you went? Did you meet anyone?”
The last question took Swara back to her trip. It made her uncomfortable. Suffocating.
“Ragini, I’m tired right now. We’ll talk later?”
“Ohkay. You take rest! Mom Dad shall be back by evening too.”
“That’s great!”
“Okay then, you rest. I’ll just go and complete some work. Okay?”
“Yeah, cool!”

Precap: Maheshwaris come to London at the Gadodia’s.

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