That night became the most important moment in our lives..Shivika OS by Anu

Hey guys..Anu here back with an OS…so I was feeling too bored and I seriously don’t know what to write..hmm at least I can write anything..its midnight and I am not feeling sleepy so just took my tab and I am now in the submission page…

So let me think..hmm this idea might be just writing it down…

That Night became the most important moment in our lives..Shivika OS by Anu…

“I…I am alone…no one is there for me..why am I living with a dead soul…why am I only suffering???”,said Anika…she is a girl who lost everything in her life….life is not materialistic that only with money one can live…there should be love in life…Not just a love but true love…the love that parents give…the love that friends give..the love that relatives give…or just the normal humanity towards a stranger..the world runs over this love…and Anika lost everything…

Its a rainy day and its pitch dark…no one there to console one there to just feel pity on her sadness….she has no one..she has losylt everything…

Standing on the top of a building,fully drenched…Anika is remembering all that has happened in her life…

“You are an orphan are an orphan…”,said the aunt who is in the neighborhood..

“Maybe her parents abandoned her because she is bad luck”,said another person…

“She is a bad luck..since when she came her many unlucks things are happening…”

“She is a girl who only wants money..was running behind a rich boy like a mad dog..”

“She is a characterless girl”

Everyone were saying their own opinion which they themselves know that this all is not true..our society has grown such that they start blaming anyone without any reason..and especially if the talk is about a girl then everyone has an extra tongue to taunt…

“Stop it! Just stop it….you want me to leave right..OK…I will leave..but no one will ever try to point a finger on my character..I am not a characterless girl …..I am Anika…I am not as u are saying..yes I am an orphan but I made my own life..none of you have the right to point a finger on my character..none of you”…screamed Anika at the top of her voice..

She then quickly went and packed her bags and then took an auto and went to her boyfriends house..

She reached there and got down..she saw him…and ran towards him and hugged him..she cried her heart out …she couldn’t handle her tears and felt his embrace as most safest place on the Earth….

He pushed her away….She looked at him in shock…

“Why on Earth did you come here???”,he said..

“But Daksh…”,said Anika..

“Stop your melodrama Anika…I never loved you….just I needed to be in a relationship to make my ex-girlfriend jealous and bring her back…and now she is with me…Baby…come here”,Daksh said…

A girl came and held his hand…she is Tia…

“Now get out of my life…..go anywhere you want…”,he said..

“I loved you Daksh…I loved you..why did you do this with me??? Why..You don’t need to say anything..I will myself leave a person like you”,she said..

Anika turned and started going away..she didnt know where she was going..she felt her tears flowing….she felt numb..she felt helpless…she didn’t know where to go..what to go….she was ignored by the society..her love cheated her..

Now she realized that this world is so mean…she realized that no one can love her..she felt that she lost everything…

She doesn’t know what to do….she decided to jump…

She just jumped and a strong force held here back..someone pulled her back….

“Are you mad….what are you doing..come with me…”,he said..

She saw his face because a lightning occurred..she felt relieved…those bluish eyes made all her sadness go away…

She then went with him..not knowing what will happen next…


Hope you liked it guys…love you give your reviews on it.and this is not an OS…I will continue…bye..

With love

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  1. Superb one di hope u won’t mind calling me di n plz update soon eagerly waiting for it

    1. Anujohnson

      You can call me anything dear..and thank you for commenting..will update soon…

  2. Haridhra

    Interesting yaar … Post next Asap.

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting dear .will update soon…

  3. Akshaya_13

    post quickly…seems interesting…

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting dear…will update soon…

  4. Arwa Qutubuddin

    It seems very interesting hope to reqd about it more

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for expressing your views on this and I will post the next update soon…

  5. IME

    Loved it
    Post next part soon
    Varna toofan ki thara toofani ko Mai marungi?????????????
    Post soon
    Love you
    Take care

    1. Anujohnson

      OK OK I will post soon..when you come to killme I will go away like toofan..then what will you do???? Lol …just joking…I will post soon..don’t worry don….

  6. Akshaya

    Awesome. That was something realistic. Please do continue. Waiting for the next

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you dear..I will continue..will post soon…..

  7. It’s fantastic di loved it so much waiting for next part post ASAP

    1. Anujohnson

      Thankyou so much for commenting dear…will update soon..

  8. Ruksy

    Loved it update soon

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you so much for commenting.will update soon…

  9. Anyakhan32

    Anu a very great start! Well I too had a great disheartening towards our society.As much as we say that are society had improved it always proved me wrong. Aarrgghh… Anyways I won’t say much about it becoz thinking of it is making me fell like puking.If there is Daksh name than there will be a big locha! usse aur umeed bhi kya rakhi jaa sakti hai? filthy Dog?
    Annika tried to do sucide.Oh Gosh accha hua shivaay came and stopped her.I’m eagerly waiting for the next part.Do update it soon and text me about the link.

    Lova yaa,
    -Anya ?

    1. Anujohnson

      Hmm you are right..our society as as such..I have witnessed it many times..and I will update soon..thanks for commenting…

  10. Neha_Pheonix

    Amazing…dear…your expression of defining pain is always deep.
    So, that connects with the readers. Awesome description.
    Waiting for the next how story will proceed.
    Love ya!

    1. Anujohnson

      Love you dear..thanks for appreciating my ‘description’ who has pain within can only express pain in the correct way…this will only have one more episode I guess..

  11. Amazing di.

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting dear

  12. It was gr8 …post ASAP

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting dear .will update soon..

  13. Niriha

    Interesting dear…awesome waiting for next update soon

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      Thank you for commenting dear…will update soon..

  14. It’s very interesting di
    Post soon

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting..will update soon..

  15. Fenil


    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting bhaiya…

  16. Awesome episode Anu?..
    Post the next part asap dear

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting dear. Will update soon..

  17. Aashi26

    interesting….post next part soon di…….will u accept me as ur little sisoo…….

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting..will update soon..and why not..I will surely need to ask. 🙂

  18. Arthi

    Waiting for the next part… post soon dr…….

    1. Anujohnson

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  19. VHM

    Hey Anu…this is an angle that i could never think of…fabulous, awesome , extraordinary……and i am feeling like i want to enter in your laptop/tab/computer/mobile and read the next part even before you post it….so now it’s my turn to request you…post it soon dear …can’t wait ………

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you di!! When I was thinking about our society I got this was midnight…then I immediately took my tab and started writing it…and I deleted my ms word from my tab so I don’t write it in any application..directly in one go in the submission page…and I will post soon…

  20. Interesting one.both next asap

    1. Anujohnson

      Thanks you!!

  21. Amazing dear.. Eagerly waiting for the next.. post soon..

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you dear…will post soon..

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you dear……

  22. Gayathri.visu

    Wow! Very interesting dear…. I loved it…. Waiting for next part. Update asap plz!

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you dear for commenting…will update soon..

  23. Dramalover

    lovely one anu. simply loved it , continue with this, waiting for the next one:)))

    1. Anujohnson

      Thank you for commenting dear….will update soon..

  24. Intersting starting dr…. Post soon

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    Thank you for commenting dear….

  26. Sam-99

    I love it dr plz post next soon drrr

  27. Jerry_36

    Wow !! Its lovely Anu.
    Post soon❤

  28. Soumya85

    Awesome anu it was just amazing….i can’t express how much I liked it no actually I loved it…pls post the next part soon…love u??

  29. hey anu,
    rmmbr me n”?
    i got mobile today,so thought to read ff.
    it was ammzng.
    loved it.
    i didnt login bcoz i dont hve mch time.
    going to read next part if it is posted.

  30. Shreyanvi

    Hiii anu…..first of all…i m really very sorry for this much late comments…plz forgive me…actually it skiped frm my mind to read this…but I swear I didn’t do dat intentionally….i hope u will forgive me..

    Coming to epi…it was awesome yaar…keep writing…lots of luv nd support frm my side…nd one more thing if u hv submitted nxt part of this then surely pm me link..thank u…bye?

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