Should Niddhi be forgiven for her sins ?


As we all know that Niddhi has proved to be a perfect villain. She has made life of Bhalla family hell. She is selfish, cruel, wicked,immoral and has all the other traits of a heartless person. She is also a sadist and enjoys torturing Ruhi. She doesnt care about anyone except herself.She doesnt care about someone’s life. She doesnt even mind killing a small child. Remember when she didnt even minded throwing a new born baby Pihu. YHM fans hate that character to the core and yes, she completely deserves it.

But was Niddhi always like that? Was she selfish and cruel from the beginning? Was she wicked and immoral from the beginning? Was she a sadist from the beginning? The answer is no, she wasnt. Circumstances made her like that. She was a good human being in beginning. And then her father commited suicide because Raman rejected her and got married to Shagun. Now I am not blaming Raman, he was definitely not at fault. But Niddhi became frustrated and considered Raman responsible for the loss of her family and she decided to take revenge from him by destroying his family. Now what can u expect from a person who is hell bent on revenge. A revengeful person will not think what is right or wrong. She only wants to take her revenge. And thats why she kidnapped Ruhi and tortured her for 7 years. Niddhi didnt thought that their is no fault of that little girl Ruhi and why will she think, she just wanted to take her revenge. Raman and Ishita also stayed away from each other for 7 years because of Niddhi.

But I think Niddhi should be forgiven for her sins. I want that cvs should show Niddhi as a changed person. I want Niddhi to realise that for her own pointless revenge she destroyed everyone’s life including herself. I want that Niddhi should feel guilty for her acts. If Shagun can turn from negative to positive then why not Niddhi. Yes I know that the evil deeds done by Niddhi is far more than that of Shagun, but everyone deserves a second chance in life. Having said that I dont want that Niddhi should get away with it so easily. She should get a jail term for all the criminal activities she has done. Niddhi character will soon come to an end in the end , though chances are less but I hope that her character ends in a good note and cvs do justice to the character. So do u agree with me, should Niddhi be forgiven for her sins. If not, then why? Tell me in the comments section.

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  1. i guess u r ri8
    she should be forgiven for her sins and the cvs should turn niddhi into a positive chracter

  2. She shouldn’t be forgiven for her sins. Most people who suffered the same way she did, don’t always become evil. If you take a look at Gopi from SNS, she bullied all childhood but never got revenge and turned evil.

    Niddhi was always evil and she deserves it.

    1. Yah!!…right Isaaq niddhi should be punished for her she tortured ruhi n whole bhalla family for 7 yrs….

  3. Whatever u have said has a valid point. But this will not be shown in Ekta Kapoor’s serials. This is because her all serials lack in moral value, positive message toward our society… But if this villain was shown in Rajan Shah’s serial(i.e in “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”) then definitely the producer/director/cvs would have showed it for a positive vibe… That’s the very difference between Ekta Kapoor’s show(i.e content full of negativity, cruel, revenge, no ethics and so on…) and others. Sorry if I have hurt any1 but admit this true fact…

    1. Mona146

      i agree with you. She spreads her negativity and void in her life to others very well. Her parents should have given importance to family values rather than money and indulged the same in their kids.

  4. Second chance is only given to those who deserve it and Nidhi is such a vamp that she does not even deserve a second chance. Shagun was not as bad as Nidhi. She never tortured adi and ruhi for her revenge. Nidhi can go to any extent for her own profit and revenge. It is disgusting. Of she had brains then she would have not thought of her revenge. Even if she wanted to take revenge,what was the need of torturing ruhi so much. She is a disgusting lady. She never deserves a second chance.

  5. she is not worth of being forgiven but ya , ur POV is really good , nidhi should be made positive in the show , and they should show nidhi as helping bhalla family in some way .

  6. You just shut up she should hanged for the sins she committed….. Uski vajah se raman ishita alag hue ek dusre se na chahte hue bhi ruhi unse alag hue aur tho aur jis ruhi ki vajah se ek hue aur kareeb aaye tey uss ruhi ki vajah se vo dhono alag hogaye aur tum kehrahi ho ki she should be forgiven sharam aani chahiye tumhe ye kehte hue sorry for being rude really sorry but I am not agreeing with you aur tum shagun aur uss chudail ko compare karahi ho tho plea se shagun is far better than her now I don’t know about shagun after the leap but she is better than her…… Uss nidhi ko tho pagal khaane mein bejni chahiye phir bhi khami hay uske liye vo bhi aur haa dubara ye topic math Lana and once again sorry for being rude

  7. Nidhi never deserves a second chance. She is heartless criminal. She tortured very much a kid. And she can go any extent to fullfill her revenge. She should be punished for her all bad deeds.

  8. Hell to the no

  9. Ruksy

    no because shagun became posotive but now she’s turning negative because of her jealousy.

  10. I am not saying that Niddhi shouldnt be punished. Yes, she should definitely go to the prison for kidnapping and torturing Ruhi for 7 years . I just want that she should have a change of heart and she turns into a good person again.

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