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Hi ? this is me and I’ve made an article on wat can happen next in siya ke ram.
The show makers have changed the story with some major twists and let us see wat changes do they make in this story

Till now vanvas has started n siam hv completed 10 yrs of vanvas. Ravan has entered Again. Next Dey can show another leap of 3 years or drag the story by this ravan entry and show surpankha coming n expressing her desire to marry lakshman seeing his beauty Lakshman will refuse as he is in love wid Urmila and is already married. Den she’ll choose ram, but ram too will refuse as he’s completely in love with siya and has promised to have one wife. Surpankha will return to Lakshman and Lakshman will send her to ram. Wen she returned to Lakshman, he’ll angrily cut her nose ? n ear ?. Agitated now Surpankha will go to ravan n complain about Lakshman and ram telling him to abduct sita n brng ram for her which is d true story or add some twists of their own , which Dey hv done many times before

Continuing, ravan will order mareech to take form of a deer, seeing whom siya will get attracted n ask her beloved ram to bro bring the deer for her. After repeated requests, her ram will go to v find the deer, asking Lakshman to take care of sita. Ram succeeds in killing the deer but mareech Will transform into his form and say lakshman in a painful voice. hearing the voice of ram in pain, siya will force lakshman to go to ram. Lakshman obliged to his duty, will go to ram, but he’ll make a line all around the hut with magical powers that none can enter the hut and siya doesn’t have to go out. Sita agrees
and asks lakshman to return wid ram alive otherwise she’ll kill herself. Lakshman tells her not to worry and goes.

Siya is sitting waiting fr ram wen ravan cums in disguise of a rishi n asks siya to give some bhiksha. Siya brings fruits ?????????? n asks rishi to cum n take. As rishi steps he gets current n cant enter. So he asks siya to gv fruits. Siya tells him dat lakshman told her not to go out and apologizes. Rishi says I’ll curse ur husband. Afraid siya apologizes n steps out. As siya steps out, he changes into ravan. And gets hold of her hand. Siya shouts ram plz help me, help me someone. Lakshman reaches to ram n asks whether he called him. Ram denies n tells dat it was voice of demon. The duo return n are tensed to not see sita. Dey c d fallen fruits. Ram calls site, where r u siya n gets angry ? on Lakshman for leaving her alone. Lakshman tells him that Bhabhi told me to go. Both of Dem go in d forest in srch of siya.

Ravan pushes siya in d pushpak vimana n takes her away siya hopes ram comes soon. On d way jatayu comes n asks ravan to leave sita n attacks him. But ravan is too, fast for him, n injures jatayu. Jatayu falls down.

Precap:: Jatayu tells ram dat ravan kidnapped siya. Ram wants to find siya asap.

I’ll post nxt part next day

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  1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Sorry typo error ram doesn’t get angry ? on lakshman

  2. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    It is possible coz of school ? I’ll not post next epi tomorrow I’ll post on Tuesday. Please tell my mistakes so they don’t happen again

  3. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    N Lakshman tells ram dat he’s sorry

  4. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    N Lakshman tells ram dat he’s sorry for leaving siya and apologizes

  5. Awesome yar…please continue

  6. i have read that Ravan had pleged not to touch any other woman without her permission. He does not hold her hand but he had some powers by which he extends his nails n holds Sita in that manner(oh God someone give that to me as well??)….

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