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Precap- ram and Lakshman r lying unconscious in the battle field. Siya cries seeing them. Everyone think they r dead.

Rama by virtue of his hardihood and native strength, awoke from his unconscious state despite the shafts that held him captive. He looks around him. He sees Lakshman still lying unconscious. He cries.Of what use to me is the recovery of Sita or even life itself, since my brother now lying, before my eyes, has been struck down in the fight, It can be possible, if I were to look for her, to find a consort equal to sita in this world of mortals but not a brother, a friend and a comrade in a hostile war, such as Lakshman. How shall I tell Sumitra Mata about it? How will I face my family ?? How shall I console Sumitra, trembling and crying out like an osprey, bereft of her son, if I return to Ayodhya without Lakshman?? No I’ll end my life here itself, I can’t live without my brother. O sugreev u return with ur army recrossing the sea. And I go to Yama. Thank u all the great warriors for helping me. All the teary eyed monkeys, who heard Rama’s lament thus, allowed tears to fall from their eyes.
Meanwhile, Vibhishana having established order in all the ranks, with mace in his hand, came quickly to Rama. the virtuous Vibhishana, on beholding Rama’s body as also of Lakshmana’s covered with arrows, felt distressed. The son of my brother, that wicked youth of perverse soul in his demonic cunning mind, has deceived those two honourable fighters. The monkeys plan how to heal the two brave warriors. Suddenly a vulture appears adorned with ornaments, seeing whom all r afraid, but as it touched ram n Lakshman they returned to life, they were healed of their wounds. Ram asked the vulture who he is. He replies ur friend Garuda. Seeing Rama and Lakshmana healed of their wounds, the chiefs of monkeys howled like roars of lions and lashed their tails. And they were desirous of fighting with the demons again.
Hearing the rejoicing cries of the monkeys, Ravana asks some demons to discover the cause of that rejoicing. The demons mount the rampart and discover that Rama and Lakshmana have been relieved of the shackle of arrows. They come to Ravana and inform that the two brothers Rama and Lakshmana are alive and appear like two strong elephants in the battle-field.”The two brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, whom Indrajit had bound with his benumbing shafts and whose arms he had pinioned, are free from the arrows which paralyzed them and now appear on the field of battle, as two strong elephants who have snapped their fetters.” Ravana then calls Dhumraksha, a demon and asks him to go with an army and kill Rama, Lakshmana and the monkeys Dhumraksha along with his army enters the western gate of lanka where the army-chief Hanuman is stationed. While Dhumraksha advances in the battle-field, he observes several bad omens and feels disturbed. He saw birds of ill omen. He saw the sky raining blood, he got afraid.

Precap- The battle reached frightful proportions in that both the monkeys and demons were killed in large numbers. When Dhumraksha pounced on Hanuman, the latter shattered Dhumraksha’s chariot to pieces. Lifting his mace, Dhumraksha fights with Hanuman, who in turn hits him on his head and kills him.

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