next in siya ke ram part 8

Precap- the monkeys and demons fought ferociously. Ram kills many demons.

Indrajit is enraged at angad. To seek revenge against ram and Lakshman, he using his divine powers becomes invisible and shoots a network of arrows trapping ram lakshman. All the monkeys are sad seeing this. Ram ordered 10 monkeys tho search Indrajit. Indrajit attacks all the vanaras and traps them. Blood flowed from the wound-marks of both Rama and Lakshmana where Indrajit shot. Indrajit said-When I enter into combat, making myself invisible, even Indra the lord of celestials is not able to see or approach me. How much less, you two!!! Descendents of Raghu! Having imprisoned you in this net work of arrows furnished with heron’s feathers, I, yielding myself up to the violence of my wrath, am about to dispatch you to the region of Yama the Lord of Death.” Ha ha ha he laughed, Pierced in their vital parts, exhausted, and covered all over with heads of arrows, those two mighty and courageous archers fell to the earth, they who were the lords of the earth, shaking violently like a pair of flag-staffs in honour of Indra the Lord celestials and freed from their raised of chords. Both were soaked in blood. Every part of their bodies was pierced by arrows. Seeing Rama the excellent man fallen, at a distance of an arrows range, Lakshman became hopeless about his own life. He felt very sad ?. the monkeys too were in great grief and wept terribly, with their eyes filled in tears, being afflicted as they were by sorrow.
Indrajit informs demons about his adventure of captivating both Rama and Lakshmana by his net work of serpentine arrows. Indrajit strikes the other monkey-cheifs like .

Nila, Mainda, Dvivida, Hanuman, Gavaksha and Angada as also Jambavan. When Sugreeva looks depressed on seeing the plight of Rama and Lakshmana, Vibhishana consoles him, saying that Rama is not going to die. He also reassures the disheartened monkeys and infuses confidence in them. Indrajit, in the meanwhile, informs Ravana that both Rama and Lakshmana have been killed. Ravana applauds his son for his daring act. Hearing the words of Indrajit the great charioteer, Ravana with his heart filled with a gush of joy, relinquished his anguish, caused on account of Rama and applauded his son with pleasing words.

Ravan calls his demoness trijata and instructs them to take sita in the pushpak plane and show them the bodies of ram and Lakshman.

Tell sita that Rama and lakshman have been killed by Indrajit. Take her in Pushpak the aeroplane and show her Rama and Lakshman who were killed in battle.Her husband, the one depending on whom rendered her so proud that she refused to be united with me, lies there killed with his brother in the battle-front.” Ha ha ha. The female-demons brought siya who was afflicted with grief for her husband and made her to ascend Pushpak-plane. Siya sees the dead monkey troops, the demons laughing ? and finally she beheld those two warriors Rama and Lakshman lying unconscious on the ground on a bed of arrows, their limbs pierced with arrows, riddled with weapons, their armour shattered, their bows cast aside at a distance and their entire body transfixed by arrows.
She burst into tears ????. Sita, on beholding Rama and Lakshmana, was absorbed in various thoughts like, “The sooth sayers had prophesied that I should never be widowed and would bear sons. How could their prediction become untrue?” I’m an unfortunate lady. “I do not repent so much for Rama and Lakshmana or for myself or even my mother but for my unfortunate mother-in-law, Kausalya.” However, Trijata reassures her, stating good reasons for Rama and Lakshman to be still alive and cheering her up, takes her back to Ashoka grove.

O, the god-like lady! Do not despair. Your husband, Rama is still living.I will tell you mighty and cogent reasons, how these two brothers Rama and Lakshmana are living, This aerial car called Pushpaka by name, celestial as it is, would not have brought you here, if those two heroes have lost their lives.

Banish your grief, pain and ignorance on account of Rama and Lakshmana. It is impossible, now with the splendour seen in their faces, for Rama and Lakshmana to die.

Precap-ram is conscious. But Lakshman is still unconscious. Ram cries ?.

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