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Recap – ram’s army attacks Lanka and the monkeys spread all over. Ravan looks on with wide eyes.

Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha and Gandhamadana, galloping on all sides, defended the army of monkeys.
Ravan was filled with Anger. then commanded for the decamping of the entire army immediately.
At this command coming from Ravana lips, a tremendous clamour arose among the demons ha ha ha. Ho Ho Ho. By beating with sticks of gold, the demons stirred up on every side, kettle drums whose discs were white as the moon and dhad dhad thud thud beaten. The demonic army rushed towards monkeys. Then, from every side a clamour, arose from the army of monkeys, which filled Malaya mountain with its ridges, plains and caves. With the trumpeting of elephants, the neighing of the horses, the clattering of the chariot-wheels and the sounds of the foot-steps, the sound of the couches reechoed over the earth, sky and sea. In the meantime, a terrible struggle ensued between the demons and the monkeys, the demons began to strike all the monkeys with their flaming maces, spears, harpoons and axes. Then, the gigantic monkeys swiftly struck those demons with trees, mountain-tops, nails and teeth “Victorious is king Sugreeva” –

thus arose a loud war-cry. Then, some other terrifying demons on their part, shouting “Be winsome! Be victorious!”, proclaimed their own respective names. The enraged monkeys, who wee standing on the ground, leapt into the air and dragged down the demons stationed on the walls by seizing them with their arms. Extra-ordinary duels arose between the monkeys and demons, who ran up towards each other. Indrajit fought with Angeda, Sampati with Prajangha, Hanuman with Jambumali, Vibhishana with the demon Shatrughna, Gaja with Tapana, Nila with Nikumbha, Sugreeva with Praghasa, Lakshmana with Virupaksha, Agniketu and others with Rama, Vajramsushit with Mainda, Ashaniprabha with Divivda, Pratapana with Nala and Sushena with Vidyunami. Streams of blood flowed from both sides. In a series of hand-to-hand encounters, the valiant monkeys destroyed the strong demons. The remaining demons waited for the sun to se-in and re-assembled with a renewed vigour for the battle. Some other dreadful monkeys, having finished their fight with many demons, swiftly got a duel with some other demons. Meghnad struck angad, but he defended himself.

Lakshmana with a terrific look, having tormented Virupaksha the demon with a shower of arrows, finally killed him with an ? arrow ?.The invincible Agniketu, Rashmiketu, Mitrughna and Yajnakopa wounded Rama by arrows but ram gave them is answer with arrows piercing their heads. Sushena the excellent monkey, seeing a demon mounted on a chariot, quickly caused the chariot to fall down, by a huge rock.
Struck by the thump of that rock, Vidyunmali the demon, his chest crushed, fell lifeless on the earth.
The sun sets and first day of war finished.

You are a demon” said the monkeys “You are a monkey” said the demons and killed at each other in battle; during that dreadful darkness. Even at night they kept on attacking each other, killing many. Rama and Lakshmana killed the foremost of the demons, both those who were visible and those who were invisible, with their arrows resembling venomous snakes. The war was furious.
In that very terrible darkness, those demons attacked Rama with showers of arrows.
Rama with six sharp arrows resembling tongues of flame, struck down six of those demons.
Indrajit left his chariot after angad killed his charioteer. Seeing the enemy defeated, those monkeys along with Sugreeva and Vibhishana were delighted and praised Angada as an efficient warrior.

Precap-Indrajit bursted out serpent-like terrible arrows into all the limbs of Ram and Lakshman.

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