next in siya ke ram part 6


Precap- ravan is unable to move angad foot. He calls for war. Ravan asks Vibhishan to go

Ravan says that there should not b any delay in good work.. The war will happen tomorrow itself. Tomorrow will b ur destruction ram. Destruction!! Hahaha hahaha…
This news reaches the vanaras camp. All r practicing well.

Fb shows- Siya asks sarama, one of demonesses to go and find what is ravan doing. That cruel and evil minded Ravana, equipped with strength in the shape of conjuring tricks, who makes his enemies cry has bemused me, as spirituous liquor bemuses one, the moment it is imbibed.”He causes me to be threatened by words all the time by the most frightful ogresses, who always surround me and insult me by their act repeatedly.”I am depressed in mind and distrustful. My mind is not in its natural state. Staying in Ashoka grove, I am distressed because of his fear.”
Report to me, all that is decided by him during his talk going on with his ministers about the matter of releasing me or keeping me captive. It will be of great service to me.” Surama goes to investigate and returns saying–
O, Seetha! He does not want to release you, without dying himself in a battle. This is the resolve of the cruel Ravana along with his ministers.”
In the meantime was heard the sound of all the monkey troops blended with the sound of kettle drums, causing earth to shake.
the servants of Ravana stationed in Lanka were lack- luster with their movements, overcome by depression. They did not see anything salutary in it, owing to the fault of their king. With the sound of kettle drums and couches, Rama arrives to Lanka with his army. Ravana hears those sounds and calls his ministers to chalk out his further course of action. Malyavan, Ravana’s maternal grandfather advises Ravana to conclude peace with Rama and restore sita to him as he is perceiving adverse omens. Fb ends.

Ram orders his troops next day to cover whole of Lanka. Hearing that the city has been attacked, Ravana exhibiting his anger, doubly made the necessary arrangements for the war and ascended his palace. That Ravana caught a glimpse of the city of Lanka, with its mountains, groves and forests all being covered by innumerable troops of monkeys, waiting for war. He was shocked to see the Lanka covered with monkeys. Ravana gazed on Rama and his troops of monkeys. Before starting the war ram remembered sita. So u r here. I’ll rescue u, don’t worry. Siya is shown. Ram ordered his monkeys to destroy the demons. Hearing this command the monkeys attack the demons and Lifting up mountain peaks and huge rocks and plucking up various kinds of trees, the monkey-generals stood prepared. Those monkeys demolished innumerable defensive walls and arches with blows from trees, mountain-tops and fists while ravan gazed with eyes ? widened as laddoos. The monkeys who resembled great elephants hurled themselves towards that Lanka, springing, leaping and roaring. The monkeys, who were able to change their form at will, shouting – “Victory to the mighty Rama and the valiant Lakshmana!” “Victory of Sugreeva protected by Raghava!” and roaring, rushed towards the defensive walls of Lanka and ravan was shocked to see it. The mighty monkey named Sushena, the father of Tara (Vali’s wife) also attacked the doors. Vibhishana of great energy with mace in hand, clad in defensive armour and accompanied by his watchful ministers, took his position where the mighty Rama is stationed. The epi ends with the mighty faces of the army.

Precap – the war begins.

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