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Recap– Indrajit attack hanuman. Hanuman burns Lanka. Hanuman gives siya’s bangles to ram. D vanaras build a setu..

Ram greets sea god. After crossing the bridge, Shri Rama, Lakshman and Sugreeva along with army reached Suvela Mountain in Lanka. Then every1 discussed whom to send as a messenger to ravan? Some say hanuman, who refuses as lanka ppl know him now. Some say sugreev, who also refuses. on consultation with Jambavat, Shri Rama sent Angad, Bali’s son as an envoy to the court of Ravana.angad happily leaves. When Angad was on his way to the court, Ravana’s son(not meghnad/indrajit) saw him and blocked his path, hurling many insults on him. That he is a mere monkey ?, wants to get himself insulted again and again and vice versa. Angad looks confused ?.
Ravana’s son thought Angad was the same vanar (monkey) who had set Lanka on fire, mistaking him for Hanuman. He challenged Angad to fight him. Angad tells him dat he’s calling his death. Dey fight. N angad attacks him. with one mighty blow from Angad he was killed at once. Dead. Angad smiles. There was a great uproar in Lanka when the news of his death spread. Angad heads to ravan’s palace.

In Ravana’s court, Angad advised Ravana to return Sita to Rama’s care and seek refuge in Rama’s feet. Else, he warned, all of Lanka and his Rakshasa (demonic) army would be destroyed. While giving his introduction, Angad said, “I am the son of Bali, in whose armpit you have stayed for six months.” fb shows d same. Ravana was embarrassed to be reminded of the incident in front of court.

While displaying his prowess, Angad put one foot forward and said if anyone can move my foot then we will give up to free Sita and Rama will go back from Lanka. Many brave warriors from Ravana’s court like meghnad,n his demons tried to lift Angad’s foot but in vain. Then a group of rakshas tried to collectively lift Angad’s foot but they could not do so. Angad laughs at them.

Filled with rage, the proud king Ravana came forward. As soon as he bent down to lift Angad’s foot, Angad said, “O Ravana, would it not be better to touch the feet of Shri Rama than to fall at my feet?” Ravana was embarrassed and crestfallen. Again d whole court stares him. As he bent down, his crown fell down. Angad threw his crown, which is symbol of prestige, which fell at the feet of Shri Rama. Filled with rage, Ravana cried, “Catch hold of this vanar (monkey)! Kill him!” But no one had the courage to go near Angad, much less capture him. Angad turns to return to Shri Rama. Angad laughed again. Now ravan is so angry ? he tells dat he ll fight d war. “And I’ll kill u wid my own hands!” Angad smirks n goes away.

Back in ashoka vatika, sita thinks where r u raghunandan, when will u sv me? Fb shows them together. Wen will i be able to meet u? I m dying to c u. Wat was my mstke? No it was my mistake. I shouldn’t hv asked for the deer. It seperated siya from her ram. Y did i do dis.? Y did my ram get punished because of Surpankha deeds? If u wont cum I’ll die for sure. I’m alive on the hopes that he’ll cum.. N cries?? the demonesses tell her that ram has challenged Lanka. Sita gets a ray of hope.

Angad tells ram abt ravan’s desire to fight d war. Lakshman is vry angry ? n says dat egoistic ravan called his own death. Ram asks him to calm down n tells importance of karma. He with d help of army builds up his tent house for them to stay. Both sides prepare for war. Ravan n meghnad practice sword fighting. Ram prays to lord Shiva. His army practices fighting. Ram tells dem dat u gv ur best whatever happens n thanks them for helping him to save siya. They chant d slogan har har mahadev… Evry1 smiles ?☺…

Vibhishan comes to ravan n says bhaiyya… Ravan asks him to go away from there. U always tk enemy’s side n dn call me bhrata. U r nt my brother anymore. U dnt Cr abut my prestige.. You dnt care abt ur sister’s insult. Den hw cum v r ur bro?? U r neither mine not Surpankha bro. Vibhishan gets sad ? n tells ravan that he cares for him. Ram is not an ordinary person. He is… Ravan interrupts and tells him that he is again taking enemy’s side. Just go away from here. Vibhishan requests him very politely tho let go of siya if u Cr for ur life. But u don’t care for ur life. U just care for ur prestige getting ruined. No body can save u nw. Even I. Ravan shouts Vibhishan… Go away. If u return back then u’ll b gvn death penalty…
Vibhishan sadly went away. He goes to ram’s tent. Lakshman gts angry. Kill this ravan’s bro. Hanuman tells ram nt to kill him. He is ravan’s bro bt not lyk ravan. Ram asks how do u know hm??? Hanuman tells hw he savd hm from ravan wen he wanted to gv death penalty. Ram Luks at Vibhishan. Hw cum u r hr. Vibhishan tells him how that ravan asked him to go away frm Lanka. Fb shows d same. Ram asks wat he wants. Vibhishan tels that he wants to hlp him. Ram hugs Vibhishan. Hanuman smiles. Evry1 cheer jai Sri ram. Vibhishan says that I l abt ravans weaknesses and strengths. Laxman also smiles. Vibhishan goes away wid ram. They hv food..

Precap- evry1 finalise d date of war. Vibhishan tells ram about ravan’s weaknesses which is muted…

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